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Weapon Master

Weapon Master Chapter 1

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"So unlucky! This brat was too unlucky, dying in just a few breaths.""Brother Hong, are you really alright?" "He is my uncle's son after all. If my uncle finds out …""He is just an illegitimate child. What is there to be afraid of? Besides, who knows that it was us who did it? Go! Go! "Hurry up and leave this d.a.m.ned place!""..."Suddenly, Tang Huan seemed to hear a wave of cursing voices, and following that, what entered his ears was the sound of chaotic footsteps that were gradually disappearing in the distance."Uncle?" An illegitimate child? "These words flashed across his mind blurrily. Tang Huan suddenly quivered and suddenly woke up, flipping over to sit up, "I'm actually still alive?"Tang Huan subconsciously looked at it in the blink of an eye and was stunned.This place was not his quaint bedroom, but a simple and crude shed. The bed he had been lying on was not the familiar wooden bed, but the dirty floor.Surrounding him was a dark wall made of wooden planks, hung with sabers, spears, swords, sticks, and other weapons of all kinds. On one side of the shed, there was something similar to a stove, bellows, and a metal block, and beside the block, several large and small iron hammers were placed haphazardly.Tang Huan could immediately tell that this was a blacksmith shop."I did pa.s.s out while forging a sword in the workshop. If I was saved by someone, I would wake up in a hospital instead of my home. How could I appear in such a smithy?"Tang Huan couldn't help but think back to that scene, but his Head was in so much pain that it seemed like it was going to explode. In that instant, countless information quickly surfaced in his mind."En!"With a groan, Tang Huan could not help but hold his Head tightly, his face slowly turning pale white.After an unknown period of time, Tang Huan's expression finally improved, but as if he had seen a ghost, his eyes opened wide, his mouth slightly open, and his face was filled with disbelief."Glory Continent?"After a long while, Tang Huan finally regained his senses and mumbled in disbelief.He was originally a Sword Craftsman, and was already renowned throughout the world before he was even thirty years old. He was able to craft every sword by hand, and the price of each sword was over a million.However, Tang Huan was not satisfied. He wanted to refine a peerless famous sword like the Ancient Fish Intestine and Great Ravine.As a result, he started to continuously look through various ancient books and research ancient methods, such as the Sword Refine Art. His hard work paid off, and in the end, he really did find a Sword Refine Furnace and a strange method of forging swords.Tang Huan immediately tried as though he had obtained a treasure.At the beginning, everything went smoothly, but as the treasured sword was about to be drawn, an accident happened.According to the method of forging the sword, one would have to obtain the blood of the Sword Craftsman as a guide, in order for the sword to have its true spirit, and not just an ice-cold weapon.Tang Huan would naturally not be stingy with his blood.However, what he did not expect was that when he dripped his own blood into the furnace, the Sword Refine Furnace was actually like a hungry wolf, desperately trying to obtain his blood.Not long after, Tang Huan completely fainted.When he woke up, he had actually come to this place called Glory Continent. Moreover, there was another person's memories in his Head.The person in his memories was also called Tang Huan, and at the age of sixteen, he was a illegitimate child of the Head of Tang Family in Furious Waves City. Her mother, who was originally a servant of the Tang Family, was as beautiful as a flower and was chosen by the Tang Family. After she became pregnant, she was not tolerated by the Head's official wife and was quickly expelled. Then, he was taken in by a kind old blacksmith in Furious Waves City.As soon as he understood, his mother died of an illness. He had been living with the old blacksmith ever since, learning the art of forging from him."The people here can actually cultivate?"In's memories, the people of this world, after cultivating their techniques, were able to produce Genuine Qi s in their bodies. Only such a person would have the chance to become a revered Weapon Refiner and forge a true powerful weapon.For example, the old blacksmith was said to be a low level Weapon Refiner.The young Tang Huan was also extremely interested in forging, but unfortunately, his apt.i.tude was ordinary. Even now, he had not been able to cultivate Genuine Qi and could only forge normal weapons.Last month, the old blacksmith suddenly left and has yet to return. The teenager was left with no choice but to take out a few weapons to sell.On the way to the market, he unintentionally met a few Tang Family s. There was a conflict between them, and in the end, he lost his life and was thrown back into the blacksmith shop."This kid is already dead, why is his memory still in his Head?"Tang Huan was startled for a moment, then remembered the conversation he heard while he was in a trance, a bad premonition arose in his heart, and immediately he subconsciously looked down, his hands were rough, full of calluses, his body was long, he wore coa.r.s.e clothes, and on his feet was a pair of black cloth shoes that had been washed to the point of being pale.This was definitely not his body!Tang Huan was shocked, she suddenly jumped and kept looking around.After a while, Tang Huan stood in front of a bronze mirror, looking at the handsome yet bronze-skinned stranger's face, he was dumbstruck.Now, he finally realized something.The him on Earth was already dead, but his soul had mysteriously entered the body of the Glory Continent, the young boy who had just died, Tang Huan, and received his memories.Only after a long while did Tang Huan wake up as if from a dream, and a trace of a bitter smile surfaced on his face.It seemed like he wouldn't be able to go back no matter what. In this world where he didn't have a cell phone, computer, television, or car, would he be able to live on?But since things had come to this point, there was no point in self-pity."Fine, since you're already here, let's settle down!"Tang Huan took a deep breath, and finally helplessly accepted the reality. However, if he wanted to live a better life in this world, he needed to have a strong ability, otherwise, he would be like the youth who was beaten to death by the Tang Family, and probably would not have anyone come to seek justice for him."Cultivate!" Only by cultivating could he have the power to protect himself, and only by cultivating could he become a n.o.ble Weapon Refiner! Otherwise, I can only allow myself to be bullied by others! " A flash of determination flashed across Tang Huan's eyes, and he began to carefully recall the memories of that youth, Tang Huan."Invigorating Meridian & Absorbing Spirit Art?"Not long later, Tang Huan found the technique the old blacksmith taught him.This "Invigorating Meridian & Absorbing Spirit Art" was said to be a very good low level entrance technique. There were nine Spiritual Meridian s in his body. As long as he opened up one of them, he could absorb the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and refine it, producing the Genuine Qi. The more Spiritual Meridian opened up, the more Genuine Qi he could store in his body. According to the Glory Continent, to open three Spiritual Meridian s would be to open six Spiritual Meridian s, then one would open nine Spiritual Meridian s, and one would open nine Spiritual Meridian s.Then, he would be able to condense Spiritual Wheel and advance to Stage Four Martial Master.Of course, to the current Tang Huan, that was still an extremely distant matter. His top priority right now was to try and clear the first Spiritual Meridian.In regards to this, Tang Huan wasn't very confident.The original owner of this body had been cultivating "Invigorating Meridian & Absorbing Spirit Art" since he was six years old. Even now, after a whole ten years, he still hadn't been able to open a single Spiritual Meridian.This kind of apt.i.tude was indeed very ordinary."... There was a spirit in the world that was derived from energy, an invisible spirit energy that was connected to the Spiritual Meridian of a G.o.d. Spiritual Meridian s, the Meridians of the Human Body … "Tang Huan immediately sat down on the ground with his legs crossed, eliminating all distracting thoughts and calming his heart.Very quickly, Tang Huan followed the guidance of the "Invigorating Meridian & Absorbing Spirit Art", his ten fingers constantly changing positions, familiar and quick. This kind of entry-level cultivation technique, that young man had already cultivated it for ten years. Although he had not been able to learn anything, he was already very familiar with the cultivation technique's incantations and the various Hand Spell s."Buzz!"In the next moment, Tang Huan felt as if an intense vibration sounded out in his mind, following that, a huge red cauldron suddenly appeared in his mind.The cauldron was circular, with two ears on top and three feet on the bottom. Fine and mysterious patterns were carved into the sides of the cauldron. Once it appeared, Tang Huan felt a kind of ancient and distant aura. It was as if it had finally awakened from its slumber after experiencing countless years."Isn't that my Sword Refine Furnace?"Tang Huan was slightly taken aback.Back then when he had obtained the Ancient, he had also obtained a sword forging furnace. In the end, when the treasure sword was about to be forged, it was sucked dry of blood and died by the Sword Refine Furnace. Logically speaking, the furnace should still be in the Sword Crafting Workshop, but why did it appear in his mind now?Tang Huan was extremely confused, but immediately, the various patterns on the cauldron seemed to have come to life as it continued to spin at a very fast speed, and in his mind, it released a hundred million fiery red lights. Following that, strands of cool Qi were activated, and gathered around his body from all directions.Vaguely, Tang Huan noticed that the patterns on the surface of the cauldron seemed to be condensing into four huge runes."Nine Yang Divine Furnace?"The doubt in Tang Huan's heart grew even more, and following the constant changes in his Hand Spell, the spirit power crazily flowed into his body and gathered in the cauldron.Based on that youth's ten years of experience, Tang Huan knew that those auras should be the so-called spirit energy.A moment later, the spirit energy that had gathered in the cauldron turned into a huge current, roiling and whistling out. Following the change in Tang Huan's Hand Spell, the spirit energy quickly flowed through his body.

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