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War Of The Realms

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What are you? Who are you? Are you a mortal, or perhaps a mythical being? Does your world have magic, or only consist of humans? Well, whether you are from a world which lacks elemental power (magic which consists of the elements) or from a world which is pulsing with it, you are about to dive headfirst into a world with both- a world at war.
Hi, my name is Surina and I am from this world. Just a warning, it's very complicated! But before you can understand our present, you need to understand our past.
Our world is made up of realms. You have the Land of the Mortals, which is mostly made up of humans and other non-magical beings. Then there is the Mythical Realm, which consists of a very wide variety of mythical creatures. And then you have the Angelic Realm and the Demonic Realm. If you couldn't tell by the name, the Angelic Realm houses Angels and the Demonic Realm Demons. All of these realms were at peace. They lived in perfect harmony with each other. Until the fighting began...
A greedy demon named Shad wanted to control the Demonic Realm. He went on a rampage, tearing up the whole kingdom. He then slaughtered the reigning demon family and took the throne. He ordered his followers to banish any demon who wasn't loyal to him. However, he was unsatisfied with only one realm under his control, so he declared war on the other 3.
The Land of the Mortals fell first, defenceless against the demon's magic. The Mythical Realm followed, despite it's variety of creatures, it was nothing compared to the strength of demons. The only realm which stood a chance was the Angelic Realm. Shad knew they could fight him quite equally, so he infiltrated their castle and killed the Angel King. But before he could claim the throne, he had an uprising. He married the Angelic Queen, which gave him direct pa.s.sage to the throne. He had complete power over every realm and nearly everyone was loyal to him, mostly out of fear.
Shad had a child with the Angelic Queen. The child, however was not an angel and is just as sick and twisted as his father. With a child being born, everyone knew Shad's reign would continue and the realms would never resume to a state of peace. The banished demons and anyone who was not loyal to the Devil King (which was what people called Shad), joined together and an uprising began. This one, however was not dealt with quickly. A miniature civil war happened, and the realms feel into further havoc. Many wanted to join the Rebels, but were to scared too. My father lead the uprising. He was brutally murdered. After his death, most of the Rebels disbanded and went into hiding. My mother and I did too, fleeing from the Demonic Realm once again, and residing within Land of the Mortals. I was 5 when I lost my father. Even though it was such a young age at which he was taken from me, his memory is still vivid in my mind.

Our world is now a s.e.xist, fear-ridden h.e.l.l, where the Devil King and his son rule over with an iron, evil fist. Years have past since the Rebels disbanded, since the Devil King took complete control.
I'm 18 now. My mother has sadly pa.s.sed as well. I'm alone, camouflaged among the mortals, hidden in plain sight, but I plan to change everything. I want to take the realms back from the Devil King's rule and resume the peace which once flourished. This is my world. This is my story. Welcome, to the War of the Realms.

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