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Villainess VS Zombies

Villainess VS Zombies Chapter 1

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“Alessandra, I will break the engagement with you!”

Prince Jean's abrupt declaration immediately transformed the mediocre 17th graduation party of the Royal Academy into a stage which influenced the politics of the Kingdom.

The graduates who had dressed up to their best efforts and were enjoying the conversations as much as possible, thinking of making the final memories as students, stopped their gazes full of some pity and vulgar curiosity on Alessandra, female student with magnificent blonde hair and red dress,  who was supposed to have been upset after the sudden engagement annulment declaration.

Alessandra, who was denunciated by designation, was a daughter of Duke Clermont, who boasted of one of the richest grain-producing regions within the Kingdom.
It is a widely known fact in the high society of the Kingdom, that in order to hold onto such an influential person, she has been the Prince's fiancee since the early childhood.

But then came the abrupt declaration of breaking the engagement. Moreover, it was done recklessly at a place of the graduation ceremony of the Royal Academy, in presence of the whole company.
How would the proud Miss Alessandra refute?

The surrounding students could only hold their breaths and watch over the antic.i.p.ated furious reaction of Alessandra.

On the other hand, speaking of Miss Alessandra, she did not seem to be even a little unsettled.

(She really did it now, that female fox…!!)

Instead, whirling inside of her was anger, strong enough to burn even the heavens.

The one being called “female fox” by Alessandra, was a slender female student wearing an impressive white dress and a bluish purple braided hair, who was snuggling up to the Prince.
Hiding her grinding teeth with a fan, Alessandra calmly reprimanded Prince Jean.

“Fufu. Prince Jean, you are being deceived by a demon, the white fox over there.”

“She- Sophie wouldn't do such a thing!”

“S-so cruel…”

The female student whose name was called, staggered and leaned on the Prince, while he happily supported her.
To be tricked by that kind of obvious acting, men really are beyond help.

Alessandra already knew that Sophie, who came from the family of a mere Baron, understood how to use the academy which was a place where all students were equal and manipulated the surrounding pure-hearted male students with the use of the “woman's weapon”.

There were always many sons of respectable families gathered around her, bringing along the political influence that couldn't be underestimated, but letting it slide was an uncharacteristic mistake on Alessandra's side, who initially thought that it was merely「something only during the time as students」

To think that she would make a move at the last moment before losing her social status as a student!!

“I will forgive your slip of the tongue, Prince Jean.”

“I-I refuse!”

Alessandra felt her heart getting colder at the cracking voice and the timidly averted gaze of the Prince.

(There were days when I was so happy to be engaged to a man like this that I couldn't even sleep)

A political settlement would be necessary to further solve the problem.
The Prince's followers stood before Alessandra, who had turned around thinking that it was the time to consult with her father who was supposed to be at attendance at the castle.

“…would you mind letting me through?”

“D-don't let her go! You must not let her go!”

Was it the plan to cut her contact with the outside world? As she looked over, she noticed that the only exit in the room was indeed about to be locked.

(That d.a.m.n female fox, she can only think of impudent tricks like this)

Sophie's authority can only work within the illusional cage of the academy. In the outside world, mere baron's authority will be blown away before the Duke's name.

(She must be trying to turn the engagement annulment into the truth during the graduation party.)

Invisible sparks flew between Alessandra and Sophie.

Silent exchange of blades furthered the tension and the male student who was already pale and probably couldn't bear this atmosphere, collapsed on the floor.
The son of the Great Priest rushed over to the collapsed student to nurse him.

Even so, the male student's complexion looked very sickly. It went beyond the blue color and almost looked like ashen.

(He almost looks like a dead person)

Leaving such a small uproar out of the area of their interest, the gazes and the attention of surrounding people were once again gathered on Alessandra, wondering what would she say next.

That's why it's no mistaking that Alessandra alone was the only one who saw that scene.

Collapsed male student readily bit into the throat of the Great Priest's son.

Hnnggg, raising a voiceless scream, Great Priest's son died and like a broken fountain, vivid blood spurted out from his neck.

(It must have been instant death. What a waste though, he had a nice face)

Alessandra only had incoherent thoughts like this about the unrealistic sight before her.

It was the beginning of the zombie party night, later referred to as the「Night Festival of the Dead」

It's spooktober and you know I had to do it to them.

son of Archduke is 大神官の息子, though I'm not very sure if it's really archduke or not

I'm mostly using google to translate so notify me about any mistranslation, weird grammar, typos, anything you find wrong so I could fix it afap.

Feel free to edit the synopsis on NU, I suck at doing stuff like that

It has come to my attention that 大神官 is Great Priest so the name has been fixed in the story

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