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Robert awoke to the rhythmical beeping of a machine. As he opened his eyes he saw a bag of IV, wires and a doctor overlooking his vitals. The doctor smiled as he saw him waking up."Good Morning Rob, how are you doing this morning.""Doing a little better today doc." Robert was feeling a bit better than yesterday, although it didn't mean he would be feeling better later today. He had a degenerative disease that apparently didn't appear in people as young as him but it had happened. He was barely 17 years old but he could no longer do most activities and had to spend most of his time in the hospital now."That's good then you can some guests they have been waiting for about an hour outside to see you." The Doctor opened the door and went outside. A few moments later three of his friends from his old school walked in. Jake was the first one in he was really tall but was really skinny he had auburn red hair with freckles he was as you would say super white. Lisa was the second one in she was really short with light blonde hair with light olive skin. The last person in was Angela she was about normal height with white hair blue eyes and had light fair skin."Good to see you awake for once," Jake teased. "Maybe this time you can tell us what's been going on around the hospital. You got all the gossip right."I only pretend to be asleep while you are here Jake, but because you came with company I decided to let you in. Anyways what's been going on at school any cool stories, we'll talk about hospital goings on later."Lisa and Angela came in and sat down across from Robert and Jake. They began talking about the goings on at school, gossips, and how bad or good the teachers were. After an hour or so Robert began to feel tired again, feeling a bit drained it was the medicine that he was taking. His friends saw his tired looking eyes and said thier goodbyes. Robert wanted to talk for a bit more but he was just too tired and fell asleep.---------------Robert woke up again about 4 hours later feeling a bit more energy, the nurses came and moved his body ma.s.saging his already weak muscles. Then he had another guest Dabria she was a foreign exchange student from England. She was short with black hair, dark green eyes and was always a bit quiet.When She first arrived two years ago at school she didn't talk to anyone and kept to herself. At first many people tried to approach her but she was really distant, almost everyone stopped trying. Except for Robert, he would go almost every day and tell her some things that were going on. Eventually after a couple of weeks she began to talk back. She told him that she was always home schooled and didn't meet many people her age. She felt as if she didn't know how to talk to them.After a while Dabria began to make a couple of friends in school, but she was still very awkward around them. She was still trying to figure people her age out. "Afternoon, it seems you are a bit better today than yesterday."
Robert smiled, "How was today did you get to talk anyone new?"Dabria made a crooked smile, "Uhm not really, you know it's tough but Lisa is now looking out for me now that you are no there she is a very kind person.""Yeah they are a good bunch. So, what brings you around other than my incredibly awesome good looks.""I came by because my father approved that you can try out one of our seniors' products a VR game called World of Cultivation." totally ignoring him. "I asked you doctor and he approved that might help you seeing as you might be here for a long time.""VR game huh, sounds like fun are you guys also going to be playing?""Actually, I am but there is limited s.p.a.ce so it will be you. My father says if we do pretty good inside the game we might be able to invite other people.""Sounds good, it could keep my mind off a couple of things that's for sure.""Great the game opens up in two days, see if you can invite someone by then. Th equipment will be arriving later today. Anyways I got to get back home I'll see you probably later this week. Take care of yourself."For the rest of the day Robert read a book (yes, a book they do exist). Eventually some gentleman set up a VR Set in his room and put a disk next to his nightstand. The doctor came to check on him before the night was up and he went to sleep. The next day was more of the same just some checkups but none of his friends visited. It was actually a little hard for them to come during school but summer vacation was actually starting soon.His brother Derrick came to visit him later that day, "Finally, done with finals now I can come to bother you more often." It was rare for Derrick to come by he was in college and was a workaholic he had finished most of his schooling early and was about two years ahead in college. He had actually cleared his summer and maybe the rest of his year, he had told thier parents he was going to take a bit of time of college because he didn't want to burn out. Although Robert knew it was to spend more time with him. His parents had agreed to it fairly quickly saying school was tough and he should take care of himself."Well that's too bad it seems my friend got me into a beta of an awesome new VR Game so I won't have time to hang out. You should just go back to school." Robert actually wanted him to go back to school and finish up."You're going to ditch me for a game and a girl." Derrick said pretending to be shocked. "What game is it?""World of Cultivation or something, too bad its limited s.p.a.ce or else I would invite you. It seems all the copies are given out already.""Oh yeah when does it start then?""Tomorrow I'm actually kind of excited not being able to get out of bed and all.""Well then have fun, I forgot I have something to do I'll see you tomorrow."Derrick flew out of the room. He was probably going to try to get into the Beta to play with him, Robert sighed he really wanted to hang out with him I guess. Robert put on the VR gear and played the disk. A log in screen appeared. Robert registered for the game.It seemed a bit weird especially some of the questions it asked on the registration. What world where you from? What dimension, what the h.e.l.l was this anyways? Would you like to set up you spirit stone for transaction? What a weird game this was normal registration right maybe it was added to seem a bit more fun. Well Whatever let's get this done.

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