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The Tomb Of Potter

The Tomb Of Potter 1 I: Dark Arts

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"Do you truly believe the tomb of Potter is located within this castle?""Such thinking is foolhardy at this point. We've ventured through numerous terrains and discovered remnants traces of history, only to converge here. Whatever here is."As two individuals spoke to another, man and woman. Both adorned in blue robes with the insignia of a sparrow flying around a lighting bolt. The woman turned, causing her short black hair to sway in front of her She stared in the distance at a lone figure who was dressed in a black cloak with a hood covering his facial."Ignore him. Attempting to kill him now would only result in other parties discovering our whereabouts." the man spoke in a solemn tone.The woman nodded her head as they ventured a grand hallway decorated with ancient paintings as the chandeliers above them dazzled in brilliance, seeming to ignore the pa.s.sage of time. As for the cloaked figure, he slowly transverse, embracing the scenery. His bottle green eyes surveyed the paintings, the architecture of the mysterious and ancient domain. Rumored to be the resting place of the greatest and most heralded wizard since time immemorial.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"If I truly am the descendant of such a powerhouse, what a beauty. But he's long gone to travel the road of the afterlife. These d.a.m.nable people also discovered this treasure trove, it seems I have to stain my hands with blood." The cloaked individual spoke as a wand appeared within his right hand. Extending at a length of fifteen inches clean, with a mult.i.tude of slight ridges. Its presence silently but eerie, coated in a presence of death. Crafted from ancient wood and the core of a thestral; Elder Wand.In a different domain of the mansion, was a group of five. Their facial features indicated a group of mature, yet youthful individuals. Led by a figure adorned in black robes with a phoenix surrounded by rings st.i.tched on his left chest. He walked with dignity and pride, as he led the four behind him."This place is silent and creepy. It seems it truly is the final resting place of the savior turned demon. Should we gather reinforcements before venturing further?" A full beard of ginger spoke with no semblance of confidence. Only for the leader to turn and smile at him."We are graduates of the famous Hogwarts, no need to become fearful. Remember your pride as a member of the Order of the Phoenix. This place is a treasure trove, millions of famous wizards died attempting to retrieve the belongings of the Dark Tyrant." The leader spoke as he shifted his closer to his face.
"Niel, what makes you believe we can retrieve the mystical artifacts of the legendary Harry Potter? Even now, powerful and deadly wizards roam this very mansion. We may be graduates but the people here are in our history books or touted for their prowess and experience." A woman spoke as she furrowed her brows towards Niel."Madeline, I understand. But the rumored Deathly Hollows are located within this vicinity, we all know the merit to be gained if we retrieve them." Niel spoke, but inwardly his heart paced at utmost speeds. Briefly looking away as ambition gleamed within his medium brown eyes. Instead of glancing back at the group, he tensed as he witnessed a pair walking towards them."We mean no harm, so rest at ease. I am Adamlock Sven. Its refreshing to unite with members of the Order." A slight smirk plastered his face as his blue eyes scanned the five individuals. Watching their features reveal shocked expression, his ego felt satisfied. Only to receive a glare from the woman accompanying him. Surveying the group, she spoke afterwards."I'm also a member of the Sven family, Meguri Sven. It's a pleasure to stumble upon the future generation of us wizards." She spoke as a humble smile showed upon her face. Before Neil could introduce himself and his group, a resounding explosion danced in the air. As the group of seven glanced at a single window, they witnessed the scenery of fire and smoke wafting in the atmosphere as the resounding boom of lighting clashed with a black gaseous form. Tension instantly coated the seven individual's as the same word flashed across their minds.Dark Arts.

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