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The Substitute Bride

The Substitute Bride Chapter 1

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Hi Fellow Reader, Thanks for the warm, positive and encouraging response for all this time which keep motivating me. When I started the General translation project, I still doubt myself that I would finish the project but as time, I really enjoy doing this project. very excited and here I present first chapter of the second translation project, The Subst.i.tute Bride…

Chapter 1 First Day of The Wedding Night

Night is coming, every road in the capital city (Beijing) is quiet, but on this time the North City of the Ye residence is filled with happy atmosphere.

“Ye Lao Ye [1], today really is happy day! Congratz!”

“It’s an honor for us to have Li Da Ren[2] coming to our residence and congratulating our the child!” Ye Peng face is filled with happy smile expression.

“Time is getting late, I should get back because tomorrow I still need to attend the palace meeting.”

“Li Da Ren, so I won’t bother you, inside there are still many guests, I will let the Jiang Butler to escort you.”

“Don’t be such courteous, you go back for busying!” said Li Da Ren.

“Jiang b.u.t.tler you escort Li Da Ren, Li Da Ren you take care!”

“Yes, Lao Ye. Li Da Ren, Please.”

From the view of Ye Lao Ye’s the guests, the important guest has already leaved, so one by one of them also leaving.

Ye Che is today leading role but no word that comes out from his mouth, only cold eyes staring one by one the guests, looking at his father who escorting the guest, one to another. What kind of parent that forcing they child for having political marriage, he is well known to have frivolous reputation, an arrogant and obstinate, outstanding prodigal son but who knows he even experiencing the day of being compelled. Even when he was dreaming it was still unbelievable for him. Moreover, his mother even using his sister happiness to threaten him.

At this time, whatever they asked him to do has already been done by him, they just welcoming a girl whom her future would be ruined. That girl forever won’t ever receive his feeling, who asked that girl comes and to be dragged with him.

After finished cup of wine, Ye Che put down the cup and walking toward the main door.

“Third Young Master, you can’t go out, Master[3]” The guard that guarding the door blocking him.

“Third Young Master, today is your big day!”

“Third Young Master…”

But their skill is good for nothing compare to Ye Che who has high martial art skill. Lightly Ye Che dodging all of them and go out from Ye resident, leaving a group of the servant with bad face expression.

Double happiness, red candles, noise and excitement, joyful…..

Long Mo Er sitting in the bed, looking at the gorgeous bright red color of bridal veil (covering the face), feeling something inconceivable, she is married. No, it should say that she is the replacement of her elder sister to get married, married to a man that she never seen his face.

Her forehead feels little numb, above her head is stick with Feng Guan Xiang (something like Chinese heavy tiara) which filled with many jade bead, being sew with ta.s.sels. It heavy and covered half of her neck. Really not understand, during the time of get married, why the bride should put so many things like this? And still need to put so many weird things onto the face? Using so thick powder to cover her face and the fragrant which makes her feel dizzy.

Anyway, there is no one here, Long Mo Er lift the clothes that cover her head, and also put down the Feng Guan : “ah, finally feels much comfortable, d.a.m.n Lu Qun, we were came to the agreement even death she should come together with me, said that would company me to here when I get married so that she could taking care of me, but now, even her shadow I couldn’t see her, d.a.m.n Maid!”

Walking forward for few steps, on the table it full with many types of pastry, she randomly takes something to eat, she is devoured ravenously put into her mouth, she filling her mouth and said: “d.a.m.n maid, when leaving the house saying too much touching words to Mother and Big Sis as if hovering between life and death, and now where are you gone? Tossing me alone in here, geez.” Not carefully choked.

Long Mo Er quickly grabbing the drink that is on the table, drinking it. The wine smoothly entering to her throat, kind of hot and sting smell, but after at the mouth then to the nasal cavity the smell gone.

“Ah, hot~~~~!”

“Ah, the taste so awful, putting here just wanting to poison me to death ya!” she used her hand to wipe it.

Seeing the four corners of the room, all is red color, seeing those things Long Mo Er feels bit dizzy. Hence, she is in the bed, touching the bed : “It so comfortable.”

She gets into the bed, only at short time she is falling asleep.

[1] Lao Ye : Master used for respectful terms

[2] Da Ren : t.i.tle of respect toward superior

[3] Zhu Zi : Master (term used by the servant to called the superior)

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