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The Road To One Day Be The Strongest

The Road To One Day Be The Strongest Prologue

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Monsters, Monsters, Monsters

A swarm of monsters was spread out as far as the eye could see. A small estimation of five thousand Goblins, Kobolds and of course medium size monsters such as Orcs and ogres where all gathering together.

Facing them stood the adventurer army of two hundred. Although they were reinforced by knights from the city guard gathering around them on all sides, the entire army only amounted to a measly three hundred.

It was impossible to win.

Even though they knew they could not win, they all wanted to protect the town that sat behind them and the people who lived in it. With that feeling in their hearts the mixed army stood its ground however, the fear of death cannot be fooled.

There was not a face devoid of grief as they tried desperately to continue encouraging themselves while shivering in fear, everyone trying to keep their teeth from chattering as their breath caught in their throats. Slapping their hands onto their pale cheeks they attempted to light a fire in their own hearts. However, nothing changed the cruel reality. They all caught their breath at the h.e.l.lish time that awaited them.

All of them, except one.

With his eyes shut and arms folded a young man of slightly above average height and medium build stood in the adventurer vanguard as his black coat fluttered in the wind. He looked strange as he stood on the battlefield wearing no armor. Only a single short sword rested on his hip accompanied by a thick grimoire. Those ignorant of the circ.u.mstances would be surprised and stunned by his appearance.

The monster vanguard of numerous goblins, kobolds, and orcs began moving forward. The distance was now only a few hundred meters and the two armies would soon collide. At that time the young man took a few steps out before turning around to face the adventures and opening his eyes. In contrast to his black clothes his eyes flashed a deep crimson as he spoke to the gathered army.

“Well for now, while our enemies number around five thousand we have around three hundred. As the enemies numbers are still increasing I dare say the difference in strength is about thirty times stronger than us.”

With faces that looked as if they were going to cry those words seemed to make the waiting army face reality. The arms holding their weapons grew weak as their legs shook and hot blood pulsed in their ears. Fear seemed to cast a shadow over all of their hearts. However the youth in front of them spoke up once more.

“Well, there's not that many of them haha”

At the words and lighthearted laughter of the youth everyone seemed to raise their faces all at once. Seeing this he smirked as he turned once more to face the swarm of monsters.

One step, another, and another. As he walked forward he began to chant. After only ten seconds had pa.s.sed they could already make out the eyes of their enemy. Seeing his defenseless appearance sneers floated onto the advancing goblins faces as they charged forward.


In that instant, a huge blast of cold air was blown back against the adventurers following an explosive release of magic power. ‘blizzard' is an upper tear magic derived from the water attribute. As the magic swept outward it left roughly six hundred trapped in an eternal prison. The monsters following behind the vanguard stopped dumbfounded as fear began to dominate their minds.

Smiling to himself he turned around and called out. ” Alright everybody, Let's show these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds how stubborn we humans can be!” (TN: This was absurdly difficult to make work in English. If you find a better way to translate it feel free to let me know.さぁ、みんな!進撃開始だ!人間の意地ってものを見せてやろうぜ!)

A few days later.

The news of the battle had already spread across the world. In a small town in some kingdom a force of three hundred people faced of against a monster swarm of over ten thousand. A ridiculous story about what should have been a desperate situation, resulting in no casualties. In addition it is said the achievement goes to a single adventurer.

Hearing this, some are surprised (TN:surprise MF), some are interested, some try to take advantage of the story, and snort at the absurdity of it.

However only one thing is known about the person.

Adventurer: Gin Crashbell. Second name: executor. A person that came from another world and who's ancestors are from the vampire clan.

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