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The Only Favourite Ugly Husband

The Only Favourite Ugly Husband Chapter 1

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Hexi Village is a small village in the west of Hecheng County.

Hecheng County is a land of fish and rice, located in the south of the Yangtze River. It is very rich, The Grand Ca.n.a.l from the south of the Yangtze River to the capital city is also crossing Hecheng County, which makes it very prosperous. Hexi Village is close to the county town, making villagers' lives naturally very good.

Today, it is a big day for Jiang Chengxiang, the third son of the Jiang family, a wealthy household in Hexi Village. The village is even more lively.

The Jiang family sits on 15 mu of good paddy fields, 10 mu of fine mulberry forest, plus 10 mu of dry land. Old Jiang has good skills in killing pigs and sheep. So the life of the family is naturally not bad.

You know, Hecheng County is not a spa.r.s.ely populated place. There are many people and little land, but the land is fertile. Because the rivers are vertical and horizontal and not far from the sea, there will be no droughts or floods. Generally speaking, as long as you are willing to take care of it, the harvest in the field will not be bad. Usually, people that have a seven or eight mu of paddy fields plus a few mu of dry land can already have a good life.

The Jiang's third child studied in the county school. Although he did not even pa.s.s the entrance examination for a child student, he found a good job two years ago because of his literacy. He went to work at the county pier every day. As long as he wrote down how many bags of rice and pieces of clothes were carried by laborers on the dock, he would be paid two or three times as much as these laborers.

Because he gained a little face, he can introduce the men of the village as laborers on the dock in their spare time and has a lot of prestige in the village.

Today, when Jiang's third son got married, people in the village took their best tables, chairs, bowls, and chopsticks to the Jiang family one after another, so that the Jiang family could handle the wedding with dignity. There was not enough s.p.a.ce in the Jiang house, so some families also gave up their own family halls to help them greet the guests.

Dressed in a brand new red robe with big red flowers on his chest, Jiang Chengxiang, with a high-spirited look, welcomed Zhu Shufen, the youngest daughter of Zhu Xiucai family back from the neighboring village.

Zhu Shufen is the daughter of a scholar, and she is very good looking. All the men in the village were envious that Jiang's third son was able to marry her. The people who spoke to Jiang Chengxiang came forward one after another to congratulate him, and the joy on Jiang's third son's face added him more face.

The wedding was very lively and respectable. The Jiang family killed two pigs yesterday and bought back a lot of fish. There was a bowl of pork, a bowl of pig blood soup, a bowl of pig's tail and a bowl of steamed fish on each table. Plus a lot of seasonal vegetables, the tables were full.

There are thirty tables for the Jiang family's relatives and friends, as well as the people who come to help from the village. After lunch there will be another meal in the evening, making the atmosphere lively.

A relative of Jiang's family grabbed some tea leaves and put it in a bowl. With a gourd ladle, he scooped a spoonful of water from an iron pot boiling water, washed the tea, and looked at the smiling old man standing by in the tea bowl: “Uncle Jiang, where's Eldest Jiang? His brother got married. Why didn't we see him?”

The family in the village got married early, and there was no shortage of grandparents in their thirties. They generally looked old in their forties and fifties, and they could be regarded as long-lived when they were in their sixties and seventies, but Old Jiang was still very strong and tall when he is nearly fifty years old. When he heard someone ask about his eldest son, his brow frowned, his eldest son was a good worker. At this time, he should be at home to help. Why didn't he see him today?

Puzzled, old man Jiang went to the kitchen to find his wife: “Wife where's the eldest one?”

“Didn't he fall into the river a few days ago? He became ill, I asked him to go to the old house at the west end of the village.” Old Madam Jiang said, her eyes drooping were full of dissatisfaction: “Even if he falls into the water, he should have been good after three or four days. I think he is just lazy. After today, I will take good care of him later!”

Old Jiang was not in charge of the affairs of the family, and he was also very displeased with the eldest Jiang. When he heard his wife say so, he frowned: “That unproductive b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Old Jiang reprimanded eldest Jiang and soon left him behind, and got busy with Jiang Chengxiang marriage.

Everyone celebrated the happy event in a lively manner, completely forgetting the eldest son Jiang, who had never had much sense of existence.

In the west part of Hexi Village, there are several broken houses, where the Zhao family, who have a very bad life in Hexi Village, live in a piece of land next to the Jiang family. The dilapidated dirt house was handed down by the old generation of Jiang's family. The house is so dilapidated that it has long been uninhabitable. But now, a man was lying on the ground.

When Jiang Zhen woke up, he felt dizzy and had pain in his stomach.

For a moment he could not see what was around him and blinked several times before it becomes a little clearer, Then he saw the broken roof shining through the room.

Isn't he dead? How can he feel cold and pain again?

Even if he had survived, he should have been in the hospital by now. How could he lie in such a dirty and messy place?

Jiang Zhen instinctively felt that something is wrong. He wanted to jump up from the ground, but he couldn't even move.

Jiang Zhen almost fainted again because of his heavy body and severe stomach ache. At that moment, his head began to ache and some memories that did not belong to him suddenly poured into his mind.

Memories belonging to an ancient man.

This ancient man, like him, was surnamed as Jiang, but his name was not Jiang Zhen. They called him Jiang Zhenwei. He was the eldest son of the family, and the villagers generally called him the eldest Jiang. He was born on the fifth day of May, May is the evil month. This day is poisonous. Therefore, the name of “suppressing evil” is used to suppress it.

It is said that children born on this day will interfere with their parents, and Eldest Jiang indeed “interfered” with his parents.

The day before Eldest Jiang was born, Old Jiang was taken away for military service. His parents were no longer alive at that time, and Mrs. Jiang's family was far away, so she had to give birth alone at home, it was difficult to give birth to her first child by herself and she almost lost her life overnight.

After birth, Mrs. Jiang was unattended and went hungry for a day. After that, she had to get up to cook and clean the dirty clothes and bedding. She couldn't sit for a month at all.

She never knew how difficult it was, being alone at home and having to take care of a child. From the beginning, Mrs. Jiang did not like her eldest son and decided that her eldest son was a bereavement star.

It's just that old man Jiang went out for military service, and he was bound to die outside. at this time, if the child were gone, Mrs. Jiang would certainly be driven out of the house by Jiang's uncle and he would s.n.a.t.c.h away the field. Although she wished she could drown Eldest Jiang, Mrs. Jiang still pinched her nose to feed him.

But it's only limited to feeding.

Mrs. Jiang often beat and scolded Eldest Jiang. She ate and drank well, but only gave him a mouthful of leftover food. When she went out to work, she tied the eldest Jiang at home with straw rope. She never wanted to touch the bereavement star.

When old man Jiang returned from military service five years later, the eldest Jiang, who was already five years old, was thin and small, and could not even call anyone.

When old man Jiang came home, life became easier for the Jiang family. Old man Jiang brought back some money to buy land, and he would kill pigs and sell them at home during the holidays. Old men Jiang was still a good silkworm farmer. In the end, The Jiang family finally became one of the richest family in the village.

But eldest Jiang's life was not much easier.

Old man Jiang has always been concerned with his work regardless of his family's affairs. He would not interfere with the disobedient children taught by his wife, and the elder Jiang, who can't speak clearly, did not please him at all.

One year after old Jiang came back, and the second brother of the Jiang family was born. Two years later, the third member of the Jiang family was also born, and two years later, a little Jiang sister was born. These three children were born and raised by Old Jiang. He loved them very much. What about old lady Jiang? When she gave birth to the three children, her family was well enough to eat and dress warmly. Old man Jiang even hired an old woman in the village to wait on her. She lived a comfortable life and fell in love with these three children.

For a long time, the second brother, third brother and Jiang sister were the darlings of the Jiang family, but the eldest boss is the existence that the Jiang family dislikes.

At a young age, Eldest Jiang had to take his brother and sister and go to work in the field. But Mrs. Jiang was even reluctant to let him have enough to eat. If they had eggs and fish at home, he would never have a share.

Because he was beaten and scolded and squeezed from an early age, the eldest Jiang was getting quieter and quieter. He only knew how to bury his head in his work. Because of this, when he was sixteen or seventeen years old, he was basically doing all the farm work in the family.

He was diligent and did a good job in farm work, and the Jiang family still had money, so naturally, some people would act as a matchmaker for him. But Old lady Jiang, had the money to send second and third brother to go to the county town to study, and she also had the money to make new clothes for Jiang little sister, but she did not have the money for the Eldest Jiang to marry. This wasted time lasted for 10 years.

Today, Eldest Jiang is 26 years old and one of the old bachelors in Hexi Village, if a man in the countryside has not yet married a wife at this age, he can't expect to marry a woman for the rest of his life.

Eldest Jiang became more and more silent and did not say a few words in a year. In addition to working and sleeping,he live like an invisible man, the rest of the Jiang family had a prosperous life.

Jiang's second son married his wife two or three years ago, and now he has a son. Jiang's third son is eighteen this year, and today he is married. Jiang's sister is sixteen years old. Countless people in ten miles and eight townships want to marry her.

And Eldest Jiang is dead.

Mrs. Jiang had him prepare a lot of things for the third son Jiang's marriage. A few days ago, Mrs. Jiang asked Eldest Jiang to catch fish. Eldest Jiang could do farm work, he learned to kill pigs with Mr. Jiang, but he knew nothing about catching fish. When he was young, he didn't have a chance to play crazy with other children in the village. He couldn't swim and fish at all.

But he not dared to ignore Madam Jiang's words and went into the water after all.

While catching fish, the eldest Jiang accidentally drowned and nearly lost his life. Finally, someone in the village saw him and saved him, but he developed a high fever the next day.

If others in Jiang family had a fever, even if they did not invite a doctor, they could rest in the house, eat good eggs and have fine grain served to them, but after Eldest Jiang had a fever, Mrs. Jiang asked unlucky Jiang's second son to use his cart to push him into the abandoned house of the Jiang family and left him alone.

Jiang burned so badly but was thrown into a ventilated room, and that was all while Mrs. Jiang was so busy preparing for Jiang's third son's wedding that she forgot to deliver food to Eldest Jiang.

Eldest Jiang starved to death.

He was hungry before he caught the fish, and he was hungry for three days in the broken house. The dripping water did not enter, so he starved to death.

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