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The Mightest Leveling System

The Mightest Leveling System Chapter 1

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The torrential downpour, thunder and lightning mixed in.Suddenly.A flash of lightning struck the roof of the thatched cottage at the foot of the mountain behind holy dragon mansion."Rumble!"Next, a young man suddenly sat up on a bed under the thatched cottage that had two pieces of door plastered together. His head was covered in cold sweat as he panted heavily."Holy sh * t, that scared the baby to death."As soon as he finished speaking, the youth's expression turned cold. He was instantly stupefied when he saw the furnishings in the thatched hut."Where the f * ck is this?""That's not right, I was just playing in my dog-hole and casually killed a Boss, then …" The teenager did not 'continue' but thought, "That Boss is the Ultimate Boss, it must be that holy artifact that dropped. I, your father, am the one leading the world and becoming rich. It's time to marry the rich and beautiful girl to the peak of their lives.""Wait!"The youth was stunned again, "It seems like there was a bolt of lightning that struck my host. I didn't even have the time to check what the Boss dropped before I fainted?"It was also at this moment.The youth's head began to hurt violently.He filled his mind with all sorts of memories."To be able to break through the fifth level of Warrior at the age of nine, he is indeed the number one genius of the Imperial City. As expected of the descendant of General Shen Long.""The Emperor bestowed the marriage, bestowed Nangong Yan with the t.i.tle of Long Fei, a genius with a beauty, a perfect match.""The number one genius of the Imperial City, Long Fei, was heavily injured by a mysterious person. His Dragon Spirit Blood was pulled out."It's useless, the Supreme Dan is useless, the is broken, from now on, he can only be a mortal.""Father, I am strongly opposed to spending more money on treating Long Fei. He's just a piece of trash now, he's already fifteen years old. Even if he's cured, he's still a piece of trash …""Long Fei, weren't you rather arrogant in the past? What's wrong? How does it feel to be stepped on by this young master? "Hahaha...""Look at this trash, he can't even beat the beggars on the streets, he's really embarra.s.sing the holy dragon mansion. If it were me, I would have just died.""The Grand Master is in seclusion.""From today onwards, break all of Long Fei's supplies. If you want to eat, go earn it yourself. The Long family will not raise trash.""Ahh …"The memory fragments began to slowly piece together. The last scene where Long Fei was kicked flying by Long Ao, his head knocked against a stone tablet, he fainted.At this moment.The youth was completely dumbfounded, "Oh my G.o.d, I just killed a Boss in the game, is there a need to punish me like this?""I killed a Boss, but I don't know what dropped. Now that I'm in a different world, I've become a piece of trash."Long Fei was very unhappy.It was quite unpleasant.According to his memory, he clearly knew that he had an extremely powerful ident.i.ty, the successor to the holy dragon mansion.holy dragon mansion.The first Palace Chief, Long Zhantian.Relying on a handful of Mountain Spliting Knief, he entered the prehistoric territory, killed a Dragon G.o.d, and used the Dragon Spirit Blood to temper his body. He then became the number one Dragon G.o.d Warrior of the G.o.d's martial continent. Followed Nagong Ao, killed demons and killed strange beasts. In this chaotic domain, a domineering aura rushed into the sky, and after eighteen years of war, the Long Family army led to the creation of the current Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty. To be conferred the t.i.tle of Marquis of the Dragon G.o.d, to establish the holy dragon mansion, and to enjoy the t.i.tle of an eternal n.o.ble. Thus, the holy dragon mansion got its name.It was said that Long Zhantian had obtained the inheritance of the Dragon Spirit Blood Vein, and the Dragon G.o.d Warrior was born in every generation of the Long Family.And he was this generation's Dragon G.o.d Warrior.He broke through the fifth level of Warrior at the age of nine, was at the eighth level at the age of twelve, and had already become a second level War Master at the age of fourteen, becoming the number one genius in Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty.Long Fei became the most important treasure of the Long family.However.Not long after, the mysterious ranker suddenly appeared and shattered Long Fei's with one move, and then pulled the Dragon Spirit Blood Vein out of his blood.Geniuses instantly became trash.During the past year, he had been bullied to the point that his siblings did not like him. People outside the clan who had once flattered him laughed at him and teased him.He had also become the biggest laughing stock of the Fire Gla.s.s City.The Long family was ashamed of him.After the grand duke went into confinement, his position in the Long family plummeted. He wasn't even comparable to a servant.Three days ago.And the reason why he was sent flying with a single kick from Long Ao was because he had taken a glance at the woman beside Long Ao! It could be seen how bitter he was.Long Fei wanted to die, "When the time comes, if you don't bring me here, now that I'm a trash, you want me to teleport here? Oh my G.o.d, are you trying to play with my rhythm?"The G.o.d's martial continent respected martial s could absorb the true qi of heaven and earth, refine their body, and break through cultivation. It was as if the was sentenced to death, unable to cultivate, and would never be able to rise above the"Even if the is intact, I, as a otaku, don't even know what it means to cultivate. If we're competing in games, I can destroy anyone who refuses to accept this with a single hand. This world doesn't even know computers, much less games." Long Fei forced himself to endure, and he felt waves of pain in his head.Suddenly.In his mind, there was something that was constantly flashing.This item was a gift box that was commonly seen in games."Playing games is too fascinating. I probably won't be able to adapt to a foreign environment all of a sudden." Long Fei laughed bitterly. The idea moved like it had been hit by a mouse and clicked."Ding!"The gift box opened and released a game notification sound.Long Fei was shocked."Congratulations to host 'Long Fei' for activating 'Striking System'. Do you want to check the attributes?"Long Fei was momentarily at a loss for words. He once again looked seriously at the furnishings in the room, and muttered to himself. "Impossible, this is a real world, how could it be a game?"Although he could not believe it, the idea still moved, "Check!"A game interface appeared in his mind.Player: Long FeiRank: 0 (The realms of G.o.d's martial continent, Warrior, War Master, war spirit, war chief, war elder, war emperor, war G.o.d, war king, each realm is divided into levels 1 to 9)true qi: 0 PointsSkills: Nonelucky value: NoneCharm Value: NoneStriking Value: 100 points… ….A series of game attributes were all displayed in Long Fei's mind. There were a myriad of them, and there were also many things in the system that had yet to be developed.Long Fei laughed.The smile was a bit lewd and even a bit lewd."I don't know how to cultivate and break through to the next level, but to play this game, I'm a pro. I was unrivalled in my previous life, who would dare to fight me in this world?""Hahaha …""Your father's life will be great in the future!"

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