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The Emblem Of Din ~ The Reincarnation Of The Magician Regis ~

The Emblem Of Din ~ The Reincarnation Of The Magician Regis ~ Volume 1 Chapter 1

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VOLUME 1 -  CHILDHOOD First Beats NT: Nn, i have two things to say… things that a forgot to say on the previus chaper… let me see… First… i have a Facebook and a , But, if you are interested in those things, I would recommend just checking my , why? because that's where I usually report when I publish the chapters in both versions, while in my facebook I only report on the chapters of the Spanish version. Second… nah, forget it, is dumb.
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I was unable to move as I wanted after waking up.
Although somehow I can move my hands and feet.
But what about this underdeveloped body?… It seemed an illusion.

Did I end up seriously injured in my hands and feet?
What will I do, who will pay the hospital expenses?
… My Father maybe? … Impossible.
On the other hand, he wouldn't even leave me lying on a bed like this.

My sister is excluded.
You should not have enough money to take care of someone in this way.
While pressing my forehead trying to find out who paid the hospital costs I heard a voice coming from the top.

「… Seriously, I hope there is no problem」

It was the voice of a man.
He sounds tired and his tone was low.
Then someone else started talking to him.

「Don't worry.
It's been a month since he was born and so far nothing has happened」

It was a calm and gentle voice.
It seems that, whoever spoke, was a woman.
Then the man let out a deep sigh.

「Hmm… He hadn't cried for some time so I started to worry」
「It's proof of his patience.
If he is, he will surely be able to revive the House of Din someday」

The House of Din.
What is that?
I still can't understand what happens.
Then the man let out a cheerful laugh before approaching me.

「He is my son, but he is also Sefina's son.
Even if she hadfallen, she's still a n.o.blewoman who has mastered both magic and sword.
It's different from me, who grew up being a low cla.s.s since the beginning」

The man stroked my head while saying that.
I blushed slightly when that man approached me.
But even so, I don't have that kind of hobbies so I would appreciate not being touched that way by a man.

「When I see his face I feel like he looks like your wife」
「I feel the same, but I wonder why he has black hair…」

The man approached his hand to my face and began to touch my hair.
Somehow, I felt as if his hand was bigger than normal.
It must be my imagination.

My eyes felt tired, so I hadn't been able to see anything so far.
But, since the man had approached me, I was able to see his appearance.

To put it in words.
He looked like a weak looking young man… That's what I think.

His golden hair and blue eyes were awesome.
When I began to see him more carefully… Note that he was wearing strange clothes that resembled some sort of old-fashioned Western clothing.
It seems that he is already a good age, but I cannot feel any kind of weakness coming from him.

Then, The woman from before, who was behind the man with a complicated expression on his facer, raised her finger as if she had remembered something.

「Now that I think about it, I think I've heard a rumor about it before」

The man turned around with an unpleasant expression on his face.
He could have imagined what the woman was about to say.

「It seems to be something that happens when an outstanding person engages with someone inferior.
Apparently, children born to them both tend to have black hair」
「That seems to be the case since I am certainly someone inferior…」

The man let out a sigh.
It seems that he became depressed for some reason upon hearing the explanation.

I am somewhat intrigued by the reason why the man became depressed, then, to continue.
The woman suddenly bowed her head.

「Why are you giving up?
Shadibergsama could still become an important figure, even now」
「That's impossible, I'm not so young anymore」

I was able to learn the man's name while listening to their conversation.

It seems that his name is Shadiberga.
And his last name should be… Din.
That would be, 『Shadiberga Din』.

I think it's a great name.
It seems to me the kind of name an illegal immigrant, who works in somekind of companion bar, would have.
I hope you insist that your real name remains even if you manage to become a legal immigrant.
I don't think it's an alias either.

But still, this man named Shadiberga.
He looks quite weak.
I feel like his name is wasted on him.

He have a somekind of pa.s.sive aura around him.
It makes me remember my school days.
Shadiberga, who still looked depressed, spoke to the woman.

「Sefina and I decided to name this child together.
We decided that since we wanted him to be able to do what he wanted in this life.
The name we choose means 『Furious Waves』 in the hometown of Sefina」

Shadiberga took a deep breath.
Then I declare the name they chose.

「… Regis. This child's name will be Regis Din」
「What a wonderful name」

The woman praised him sincerely.
Then Shadiberga scratched his cheek in shame.

「Isn't it?
Well, it's not like I really did anything, who decided it was Sefina after all」

Didn't you decide the name together?
It is a true dictatorship.
Shadiberga smiled wryly when he said that, on the other hand, the woman smiled happily when she saw his expression.

「Your wife is truly strict.
In this step, the day Shadibergsama can take the initiative will never come」
「……… Uggg」

Shadiberga was unable to respond to that comment.
On the other hand the woman looked proud.
Shadiberga shrugged as if he could take it anymore.

「Seriously… Sefina's servants are truly strangers.
Wokins is the perfect example of this」
「Perhaps, should I mention it to your wife that you was talking about me like that later?」
「……… I will be more careful」

Apparently the woman's name is Wokins.
Her voice was clearly beautiful.
But it is something mysterious, it has a peculiar kind of atmosphere.

Wokins was a maid.
Shadiberga was her employer's husband.
The balance of power was somehow reversed.

「I'm going to see Sefina.
Don't take your eyes off Regis」

Shadiberga tried to escape by walking out of the room.
I guess he's trying to leave before something else happens.
At that moment… I was suddenly shaken.

Shadiberga use something to lift my body.

After feeling as if I were floating momentarily, I fell directly to the floor.
It would have been a fall of at least one meter.
As a result I ended up hitting my face with the floor.
It was horribly painful.

「……… Uuh」

d.a.m.n you.
If you're going to drop me, at least do it on the cradle.
Any other place is obsolutely prohibited.
All units, you are authorized to use all their forces to eradicate…


Wait a minute.
A cradle?
Why am I in something like that?

For some reason I am not able to get up.
I can't move my neck either.
I wonder if I broke a bone in my neck.
However, I don't feel pain and it doesn't seem like I'm hurt either.

At that moment, I tried to see myself for the first time.
Then I began to wonder a certain thing.

Why was my hand so soft?
It is as if …

「… I-I'm sorry Regis. Are you okay?」

Shadiberga hurried up to take me to his arms.
Then he started rocking me in his arms to calm me down, but I would like him to stop because it is painful.

The woman I hadn't been to see so far… Wokins, appeared before my eyes.

She looked young, I wasn't sure if she was 20 years old or even less.
However, I cannot a.s.sure you that that was her true age.
In addition to that, she also had shiny silver hair that reached her shoulders approximately, which made her see such a beautiful gem.

She was wearing a black and white maid clothes.
She looked lovely in that suit, which fit her pretty well.
When she saw me, Wokins spoke in an annoying tone of voice.

「Stop, Shadibergsama.
His neck is still not strong enough so you should hold it this way」

Then she s.n.a.t.c.hed me from Shadiberga's arms.
A sweet vanilla aroma tickled my nose.
My cheeks were pressed against her soft chest, it was very nice.

If it were my normal self, I would surely be dancing wildly like a barbarian with an ax.
But right now I feel like I'm sage.
Is it that I don't feel the s.e.xual desire since I am not yet fully developed or something?
I do not know.

「The future of this fallen House of Din will fall on Regis's shoulders in the future」

I ended up letting out a pleasant groan because of the careful way Wokins rocked me.

「… Au」
「Oh, he answered us.
Do you understand what we are saying?」
「I don't think so, he haven't even learned the basic words yet」

I couldn't say that I really understood everything.
I guess the best thing would be to say nothing.
Even if I say something, it might not be entirely good for me, in the worst case they might believe that I am an abomination.

There are many things I can't do yet.
Anyway, I understood one thing.

My wish seems to have been fulfilled in some way.
I clenched my fist unconsciously when I thought about it.

… I will be able to move forward in this new life.

Since I was in my last moments.
Since I had given up and thought that everything would end up being in vain.
I felt my tears fall when I noticed the situation I was in.

A new life.
How sweet that sounds.
At first, I had not been someone to praise G.o.d, but I think I could feel grateful to him right now.

So listen carefully to this G.o.d.
I am sure that this will be the only time I will say something like this in my whole life.

―― I am deeply grateful for this reincarnation…!

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