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Taming Beasts To Survive: I Can See The Prompts

Taming Beasts To Survive: I Can See The Prompts Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Golden Finger Appeared, The Initial Beast Taming Choice
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The sound of the system notification rang.

A white light flashed, and on the open s.p.a.ce outside, there was suddenly a densely packed pile of colorful beast taming eggs.

Each beast taming egg was placed on a wooden table, covered by a layer of white light, and could only be seen but not touched.

If you touched it, it meant that you were about to make a choice.

Mcgee did not want to make a decision so hastily.

Because he clearly knew that the first animal was perhaps the only guarantee that he could survive in this world.

Moreover, the selection of the animals this time might make everyone start to be different.

Someone might use this opportunity to widen the gap between him and the others greatly.

If it was not fair, he might only be able to watch the other person go further and further, and he could only be envious. Even after the end of the three-day protection period, he could be declared dead.

After careful consideration, Mcgee opened the chatbox again, trying to find some useful information.

Sure enough, there were already many people discussing the news of beast taming in the chatbox.

“What are your beast taming eggs like? Have you chosen?”

“I've chosen. It's a skunk. It came out and attacked me. It's too smelly! I'm already boiling oil!”

“Hahaha, I'm even more miserable. The introduction said it was a swallowing frog. It hatched into a toad the size of a basketball. I kicked it out of the wooden house!”

As more and more information was scrolling rapidly, Mcgee also got a lot of other information from it.

For example, beast-taming eggs. Unfortunately, there did not seem to be a good way to choose this thing. He could only rely on pure luck.

Mcgee looked at it for a long time. There seemed to be no skill to choose a beast taming egg.

He could only rely on guessing.

Mcgee hesitated and opened the information of the first beast taming egg,

Name: Grave Guard Dog

Level: 1

Attributes: None

Skill: Bite (Level 1)

“Hmm, what is this?”

Mcgee asked in surprise. There was actually a line of red text under this line of basic information!

Hidden Attribute: Earth

Quality: Black iron

Loyalty: 95 points

Hobby: Hunting

Advantage: Extremely high initial loyalty, absolute obedience to master's orders.

Disadvantage: Slightly insufficient growth potential.

Item required for evolution: Silver wolf's heart. If it had a high-level silver wolf's heart, perhaps it could break through the shackles and evolve into a guardian dog.

After reading all the information about this pet egg, Mcgee instinctively felt that something was wrong.

Hence, Mcgee opened the world chat channel again.

The messages immediately started scrolling rapidly.

“F*ck, I was almost going crazy from hunger just now, so I thought of stewing my beast taming. I did not expect that little piglet's combat ability to be so high that it bit my hand until it broke!”

“Mine is a small snake, but I'm most afraid of this kind of animal. What should I do!”

“Brothers, are you really not nervous? After three days, many people might die!”

“F*ck! I've already forgotten about this. What bullsh*t are you still bragging about that? If I don't prepare, after three days, I can only feed the beast!”

Mcgee carefully observed for a long time and did not miss any information related to beast tamers.

However, he did not find any discussion about the red text or the hidden attributes.

This line of hidden attributes, it was very likely that only he could see it!

After finding that only he could see the hidden information, Mcgee immediately had confidence.

Thus, he hurriedly started and quickly browsed all the information about beast taming eggs.

“Quality black iron, no!”

Looking at another one, it was still black iron!

“I don't want this. I don't want…!”

After looking at more than ten of them, Mcgee finally saw a higher quality beast taming egg.

Name: Gra.s.s Flower Monster

Level: 1

Attributes: None

Skills: Blossom of a hundred flowers (level 1)

Greatly increased the growth speed of the plant. But, at the same time, it would release pollen with a paralyzing effect.

Hidden attribute: Gra.s.s

Quality: Bronze

Loyalty: 50 points

Preference: Earth Spirit

Advantage: It could greatly increase the growth rate of the plant industry.

Disadvantage: Extremely low attack power in the early stages.

Evolution: Heart of the dryad/life essence.

Mcgee carefully looked at all the attributes of the pet and said with some pity, “It's good, and it's a support element. But if I don't have any attack power in the early stages, will I really be able to survive the early stages?”

Thinking of this, Mcgee raised his head again and looked at the wild boar in the distance, which was constantly charging forward.

It seemed that he really needed a beast with stronger attack power.

Half an hour had pa.s.sed, and Mcgee had already browsed through half of the beast taming eggs, but he still could not find a beast that he liked.

It seemed that this system wanted to trap all the humans to death. So the beast-taming eggs given at the beginning were temporarily useless.

But there was no other way now. All the humans were now on this pirate ship.

It was impossible to get off the ship.

If they really wanted to be free, it was better to crash into the wooden house at the beginning.

After all, it was better to leave a complete corpse within the three days of the protection period.

No one knew whether this transmigration that affected the entire world was a miracle.

Or was it a conspiracy to destroy humankind?

Mcgee had no way of knowing.

If it was not for the fact that he really had no other choice, Mcgee would not even dare to believe the system's words!

As he was thinking, a line of red information flashed past.

Mcgee rubbed his eyes and looked at the red egg in front of him again.

On the quality line, the big word ‘silver' was shining brightly!

Mcgee was overjoyed!

He could not help but shout,

“It's silver! It's a silver-quality beast taming egg!”

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