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Supreme Soaring Immortal

Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 1

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Supreme Soaring Immortal


Prologue+ Chapter 1

The sky suddenly cracked a gash. A thin, very illusory shadow of blood from the cracks in s.p.a.ce, falling diagonally, crashing into the earth. Countless mountain peaks collapsed, the sky turned b.l.o.o.d.y, spreading around, and all around in the nearby villages all living creatures were destroyed.

The rumbling sound sounded, like a spring of thunder across the sky. The broken earth rises, forming a huge peak, like a guqin…

Chapter 1 Martial Continent

The sun has not yet revealed a trace of red, the sky is just a fish belly white.

A small river meanders through the town of Tianqin, Tianqin town is located in Tianqin Mountain, there is a mountain very much like a Guqin, it is said that in ancient times from the sky flew a Guqin landed here, into a mountain, so called Tianqin Mountain. And the name of Tianqin Town comes from this.

There is a manor in the east river of Tianqin Town. It is the residence of the seventh princess of the Bright Moon Kingdom. The whole Tianqin Town belongs to Qin Shuang.

At this time in the bedroom of the princess manor, a pale girl lying in bed, wide open eyes confusedly staring at a middle-aged woman lying on her bed is sleeping sweet.

The middle-aged woman moved, opened her eyes, moved her body against the back of the chair, looked at the girl lying on the bed, her eyes flashed a little pain, said softly

“Your Royal Highness, since you are weak and unwilling to practice martial arts, then study!”

Words fall, tired to stand up, lonely to go out, the door gently covered, isolated the girl’s sight.

The girl lay in bed, her eyes still lost. The two memories of consciousness are intertwined, and this is where she has been confused since she woke up.

She is a swordsman, called Liu Meiru, known as the female martial arts G.o.d, she clearly remembers a month ago in the mountains of mourning produced a vision, from time to time there is red light, so she and a few friends to go to explore. But then came across a landslide.

A landslide was not unstoppable for them, but after the landslide there was a huge stone monument with three large words engraved on it: Merit!

In their view, the monument of merit shrinks, and eventually a violent explosion occurs. And she died in the explosion. But inexplicably came here, a strange and familiar world. Another memory tells her that the real ident.i.ty of the girl who occupies this body is called Qin Shuang, the seventh princess of the kingdom of the moon.

The seventh princess is lazy, can sit will absolutely not stand, can lie down will absolutely not sit. So being fat like a pig becomes a joke in the royal family. In fact, the reason for all this is that the entire royal family knows that it is because the Qin’s meridians are blocked and naturally cannot cultivate.

So the seventh princess broke the jar and broke it.

Finally, the Queen Qín Xián Yue of the Moon kingdom sealed the distant town of Tianqin to the seventh princess, and sent her away from the kingdom, not seeing, not upset.

The middle-aged woman is her wetnurse, called Qin Ying.

But people are not strong at all, and the strength at 46 yrs old is only in the Refinement period.

But she is very hard on herself, resolutely practicing everyday.

Not only to herself, but also to the seventh princess. Qin Shuang is raised from small by her, she does not want Qin Shuang to do nothing, although know that Qin Shuang practice is also in vain, a waste of time, but the heart is still holding a glimmer of hope.

Qin Shuang who was forced to come was still a 13-year-old child. The Queen completely ignored her. Although it was her fiefdom, she did not have any prestige here.

Is a really weak individual. Before in the palace, Qin Ying also dare not force Qin Shuang, now far away from the palace, Qin Ying no longer have scruples. So under the pressure of Qinying, had to practice unwillingly.


Has not been practiced for two months, fat such as pigs, never hard to practice the Qin Shuang actually the body to be practiced to death. Then there is Liu Meiru attached to the body of the Qin Shuang.

“Bang! ”

The door was pushed open vigorously, and a young girl of the same age as the Qin rushed in. Liu Meiru felt that the girl’s face was strange and familiar.

“Princess, get up, a sorcerer was killed in town!”


Liu Meiru, the consciousness at this time is still very confused, there are many things not straightened out, they do not want to go out, want to quietly think things clearly.

"Princess, get up! The young girl came up and pulled Liu Meiru’s arm: "Listen to the grown-up say, we have never been in town there has ever been a sorcerer. Everybody went to see the excitement, so let’s go!”

Liu Mei thought, feel that we all went, their age does not go to see the lively, I am afraid will cause others to suspect, then got up from the bed, put on clothes, by the girl pulled out. The fat body trembles every step of the way, like a wave.

Memory appeared in front of the girl’s information, she is called Qin Yunxia, is one of their own girl. The two girls ran out the manor and ran west along the river bank.

Many people had gathered on the banks of the river, and Liu Meiru struggled to squeeze inside under the pull of Qin Yunxia, listening to some of the martial arts people loudly talking:

"Is there a sorcerer?”

"Of course, I saw it with my own eyes. The sorcerer was discovered by the adults of The Temple of Wuzong, from there all the way to track here, the demon can send a big fireball, but eventually was killed by the adults of Wuzong Temple, the body was taken away by the adults of Wuzong Temple. You see…”

At this point, the young man who spoke reached out to a charred place on a tree trunk and said, “This is where the fireball hit, and the trunk is charred. The means of sorcerers is terrible ah!”

The faces of those around them were filled with fear and disgust, and they dispersed in a noisy manner. Qin Yunxia also took Liu Meiru’s hand:

"Princess, let’s go back.” “

Liu Meiru looked at the clear river, the mood felt soothing, then thought here quietly combed the memory, then whispered:

"Yunxia, you go back first, I’m walking here.” “

Qin Yunxia shook her head and said, "Princess, no. Maidservant is going to follow you.”

“I want to be alone!” Liu Meiru’s face sank: “You don’t want to go back, just wait here, don’t follow me.”

In The memory of Qin Yunxia, has never seen Qin Shuang sank face, always a look. Now suddenly see Qin Shuang sank down the face, can not help but nod the head:


Let go of Liu Meiru’s hand and stand honestly under a big tree. Looking at the appearance of Qin Yunxia poor look, Liu Meiru sighed, slowly turned aimlessly walk, the consciousness of the search for the memory of the Qin Shuang.

This is a world of equality between men and women, called the glory days. Now the master of the Moon Kingdom is Qin Shuang’s mother.

This is a world of martial arts, known as the Martial Arts continent.

The literati have the temple in their hearts, called the Confucian sect, who are governing the world.

The martial arts have the temple in their hearts, known as Wuzong, and they are opening up their land and defending their homeland.

However, the balance is still tilted towards the martial arts, because the life of the literati to a hundred years has been very rare. But the martial arts can be based on strength and constantly improve the life expectancy. Moreover, some of the legendary masters of Wu Zong are able to chop mountains and move water, and their abilities have exceeded the scope of human understanding. Therefore, the literati in front of the martial arts people are always low on the head, which also caused the strong position of the martial arts, the whole continent good martial arts.

For the memory of the sorcerers, Qin Shuang did not. It seems that Qin Yunxia is right, the sorcery dao has never appeared in Tianqin town, thirteen-year-old Qin Shuang naturally will not have memories. And Liu Meiru’s memory only has some legends about the sorcerers. Her past life was a unique person, and had no background, so there was little understanding of these legends.

The combination of civil and military, equality between men and women, this is an exciting world.

The world is peaceful, flourishing like brocade, this is a glorious age.

Liu Meiru because of the death of the Qin Shuang and confused eyes gradually become clear, beating an excited flame. This is the continent where she lived!

Martial Continent!

She didn’t leave the world, she just…

It’s not right, she’s come fifteen years later. That is to say, fifteen years have pa.s.sed since she was killed by a monument. At the beginning of this matter in the whole martial arts mainland sensational, to now there are still people after tea talk, is now thirteen-year-old Qin shuang have heard the story.

It is said that after the explosion, all the warriors came to explore, but never found that piece of merit, but found a young child in the mountains, was taken in by the Wuzong Temple.

Liu Meiru’s eyes suddenly narrowed, she remembered the end of the sorcerer, the heart floated a little vigilance. It seems that the world has become dangerous. Thinking of her ident.i.ty, Liu Meiru can not help but shiver. There is absolutely no way to let people know this secret, and from today on I will remember:

My name is Qin Shuang!

Stopped, looking around, and found himself unknowingly walking into a forest. Looking into sight, I saw a strand of cloth hanging on top of a bush, just wanted to look away, only to find that there seemed to be something in the bush, stepped forward, reached out carefully to pick through the bushes and saw a bag inside. Take the bag in your hand, open it gently, and find it containing a thin book, a book as well as a few pieces of silver and debris.

The thin book was taken out, but not ordinary paper, but made of sheepskin. There are two words on the front page:

"Dao shu.”

Suddenly the face of the Qin Shuang on the flow of cold sweat, she instantly remembered the "sorcerer” words. In a hurry, the parchment was stuffed into the bag, and the bag was thrown into the bushes again, pulling out his legs and running out of the woods.

Running out a dozen steps, she stopped again, looked back at the bag in the bushes not far behind, a heart “bang” beat up. She remembered that morning the young man said the sorcerer can release the magic of fireb.a.l.l.s, remembered that this body can not cultivate, the past world as a martial G.o.d, this world can not lose power, her eyes gradually revealed hope.

More than ten minutes of time, Qinshuang’s eyes showed a firm color, and looked alertly and nervously around, and saw no one around, she walked step by step toward the bush and stretched her hand again. To the bag…

This work I just machine translated it, I have no knowledge of chinese at all, just wanted to bring awareness to what a gem of a novel this is! If there is anyone who reads this work and likes it and then does a formal translation, I would love to see it! Or you can mtl it urself, its relatively easy to understand!

Not proficient in chinese at all, in the novel they refer to 妖道 which is like a cultivator who practices with magic instead of martial arts, not sure what I should refer to it as so I choose sorcerer, not sure if this is right. Also not sure what her kingdom name is, should it be Bright Moon kingdom or Moon kingdom? And the name of the book 道术. I dunno the correct terms if you know or have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to say!

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