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Well... What is stress anyways? I did ask my phone (Google pixel) and answer me, "Stress is the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. Stress is a normal part of life."And search in dictionary, "a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circ.u.mstances."One day, I see everyone around me with black smoke around their body that scares me cause this black smoke start to slowly cover me. So I start to shouts and ask for help, people around me ask what's happening so I reply, "black smoke around my body and everybody's also!!"They look at me like I'm a madman and lucky a lady name Mrs. Fillmore said that she is a doctor and I might be hallucinating all this black smoke around me. So I immediately went straight to the hospital just what the lady suggested me to do.In the hospital, they told me that I have this visual hallucination after asking me a million questions (more like 20) and it would be nice if they scan my head just to make sure I don't have a life threatening decease or something. I'm happy since my health insurance actually cover this scan but the doctor said that it might take a week before they can look at it since I'm not the only patient.I went home and eat dinner then sleep. I know my life is boring but I know I'm helping my family and have true friends, have awesome games (that I don't play except for dota2 that might give cancer for no reason), nexflix and Amazon to order stuff that i don't even remember I ordered.In the morning, I went to work as a waiter in a restaurant with good salary. Oh!! Almost forgot, I'm Spirit by the way.I never thought that this black smoke in my body is base on what I feel and when I observed the customer in the restaurant, most of the black smoke in their body fades away but not completely gone while few of the customers' black smoke grew bigger for some reason.The black smoke didn't bother me the whole day so it's not really a problem.After a long day of work, I rarely walk in the bridge since it have this beautiful sunset that would make anyone watch the sun disappear and eventually notice the first start in the sky. As I walk into the bridge, I saw this girl with her half of her body covered with black something and little black smoke around her while tears rolls down her cheeks. When she's about to jump I shout and get her attention then ask, "I'm sorry to interrupt... life is hard but that's give us purpose to live and.. " I offer my hand and hoping she accepts it.She hesitate to grab my hand but eventually accept and I pull her to safety. She keep on crying in my shirt and notice that all her black something in her body just transfer to me all of a sudden. We talk after she called her father to pick her up and I happy that I was able to save her.
Back to my room, as I think about what happens today with the girl. A pulse of light in my chest by my heart that clean my body from the black stuff from the girl that makes me actually happy. I might have this power to see and take stress then purge it out in my body, a win win situation.Since tomorrow is my day off, I will try to help people and make me feel good at the same time!!!The next day,Going down the stairs, I saw John's son and he looks sad so I ask, "are you alright Johnny?"He replies, "I don't know why *start to cry, sobbing* but I dodont know why *cry alot* would my mom and pop said that I'm worthless and I ask myself why would they say that...I'm just trying to help"I suddenly hug Johnny in response and though °how could they said that...his just a kid°The darkness around Johnny's chest transfer to me and notice that he calms down and I said, "hey, stop crying I know your strong and someday you'll do great things and help alot of people"He look at me and said, " thank you.. sir""Don't mention it, want to go to the park?""Maybe next time sir"I nodded to him and continue to walk towards the park. It's been so long since I visited the park cause I have been working non stop to support my siblings and my gf in school.I noticed the crazy guy named Lando and realize that his almost covered with blackness so I try to talk to him, "Hey" touch his hand and some blackness transfer to me and continue, "What's the matter?"Lando hesitate to answer and eventually talk, "I'm alright, what's up with you?" He ask"I'm just asking since I realized that you don't look okay""Been so long since I talk to someone..."

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" I'm always open"Takes a while before he starts talking but I waited so,"A year ago, I meet this girl so beautiful, kind everything nice you can think of a person"" Okay""So I courted her and eventually get married...the happiest thing happened to me even I got everything, she's the only thing that makes me smile so big but one day in this park someone stab her *tears fall in his cheeks* just to get her wallet. I I I *sobbing* could give that person my fortune but *start crying alot"When I hold his hand and said, " anything you promise or anything she wants?"Lando look at me and actually remember something, "she was an orphan and we're planning to adopt one and she also said that she doesn't want me sad" He frozen on spot and try not to cry but his tear won't stop falling down his face while all the darkness in his body transfer to my body. Lando have purpose again.We depart and he knows what to do and I'm glad to talk to him. The day continues and helped 4 more people that makes me happy since I can help people like a super hero but in a low key.When I went back to my room, I noticed in the mirror that my body is covered with blackness and black smoke; I can't even see my whole body except where my at heart is where a small like a grain of rice light can be seen.My phone suddenly got text from my girlfriend saying that she wants to break up and her excuse is that she can't do long distance relationship anymore even she decided to go to college while I support her long ago.As I look at my phone, the darkness around my body start to circulate wild and the light earlier start to go get cover by darkness like roots slowly covering this small like a grain of rice light. When it fully covered it, all the pain from those I help today; I start to feel their pain. Losing someone you love, getting rejected by people you thought believe on you, someone who lose its life purpose, getting fired at work, getting accused for some you didn't do and more; spontaneously rushing through my head and torture me endlessly.I just want to give up but realized that their is alot of people like me right now as tears start to fall in my face and said, "To those alone right now or to those who fell like giving up or something that makes you sad or depressed...your not alone cause im spirit..." A pulse of light start in my chest "and I'll here to support you since we're Spirit" another pulse of light and covered my body then burst in the air while light that I can only see travel around the world touching everyone hearts and giving them hope and strength to get moving and not giving up. "Ah~ a small sacrifice..." As my voice and mind fades away.The end.

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