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Seizing A Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort

Seizing A Good Marriage, The Virtuous Medical Consort Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 Life Didn't End

The rain was pouring down, turning the summer afternoon into night's darkness.

    A thin little girl was kicked into the air. Her light body fell into a puddle, twitched twice, then remained motionless.

    A man in white pried open the girl's hand, s.n.a.t.c.hed her tightly grasped Yutian Token and replaced it with a piece of low-grade jade in the breathless girl's hand. As he walked away, he mumbled “This is the Golden Hairpin Ceremony's gift you received today!”

    After the person left, there was a faint white light in the puddle, and the little girl who had already lost her breath suddenly opened her eyes.

    In the heavy rain, a middle-aged man staggered and ran over. When he found the little girl on the ground, his eyes widened and he threw away the wine jug in his hands, trembling slightly as he held the little girl.


    His voice hoa.r.s.e and trembling, clouded eyes flashed a touch of heartache, and holding his injured daughter, quickly ran up.

    In eleven years, he had never run so fast, never so eagerly.

    An hour later, an old doctor p.r.o.nounced the little girl's death, “Ming Lang, Wu Yan, this child broke ribs four and because of the rain, developed a fever. Her temperature is too high, plus her body is weak. I'm afraid she won't live past tonight."

    “Old doctor, please save my Yan'er, I beg you.” He knelt on the ground, eyes full of panic and fear.

    He knew he was not a good father. Drinking every day, he never cared about Yan'er. Had he known, he would have gone out with her.

    The old doctor sighed, helping the man up from the ground. “If you knew there was this day, why the actions in the beginning? Wu Yan, this child is so filial, so good. Today is her eleventh birthday. In accordance with the North Desert country's ancestral system, she was to go to Eight Treasure Building to go through her Golden Hairpin Ceremony. Such an important day and you did not accompany her to go. Maybe she got something good, someone was jealous of her and murdered her!"

    In the North Desert country, regardless of poverty and wealth, at the age of eleven, boys and girls, must go to the Eight Treasure Building and walk the eight hundred-step Sky Ladder down. Everyone will then get a gift: the boys' were called the Universe's Ceremony and the girls' were called the Golden Hairpin Ceremony. Usually every child's family would personally send them to such an important occasion. Few were like Ming Lang.

    Ming Lang hated himself even more. He couldn't let his daughter die like that. He couldn't…He clenched his teeth and was about to leave when he heard Wu Yan issued a thin weak cry.

    “I want water!"

    This young and weak voice, even Ming Wu Yan was startled.

    In the two hours from this man named Ming Lang carried her from the puddle to this small medical hall, she finally realized the reality. She, who was known as the Devil Plastic Surgeon, had transmigrated and received this body's previous memories.

  It must be said, the previous owner of this body was really a poor child. She had never seen her mother since she was born, with a drunkard father, living a miserable, poor life in North Desert country's slums.

    Every day, she used small change to find food to cook for her father to eat so that he drank less, urged him to eat, and repeated this, until today.

    What's special today is that it was her eleventh birthday. According to the national regulations of the North Desert country, the original Ming Wu Yan went to the Eight Treasures Building. She had very good luck and managed to obtain the Yutian Token, which everyone wanted.

    This Yutian token was a good thing. It was the only way to enter Yutian Academy, the equivalent of a modern admission letter.

    The Yutian Academy was a gathering of the talents in the five countries, where you could learn a lot of high-strength skills. More importantly, Ming Wu Yan found that this was a continent advocating force and strength. After graduating from the Academy, no matter which country one goes to, he will become a powerful, important figure. Therefore, everyone wanted to obtain this Token.

    The reason why the original owner died was because at the Eight Treasures Building only she today got the Yutian Token. Everyone else received silver or gold jewelry. One proud-looking girl found her jade bangle had a hole in it and became so angry her face distorted. After finding out Ming Wu Yan had a token, her eyes brightened. She arrogantly came over and wanted to use her broken jade bangle and money to trade for the Token.

    Of course, Ming Wu Yan refused. As she tried to leave, she heard the girl call people to prevent her from leaving. The girl said, “Brother Qin, I must have the token.” Then Wu Yan felt a pair of big feet directly kick her, kicked her to her death. That's why the current her is here right now.

    And she was also called Ming Wu Yan!

    “Ming Lang, the child is awake, awake!” The old doctor Old age was very excited, trying to pour water into Wu Yan's mouth very carefully so that she, whose whole body felt pain, felt a trace of warmth.

    The reason why Ming Wu Yan can safely grow to eleven years old and didn't starve to death was due to this old doctor. He was a good person.

    After feeding the water, the doctor found that Wu Yan's high temperature magically went down, he was very happy. He mumbled, "This child's life didn't end, this child's life didn't end!"

    After the fever receded and she rested for a few months, this child would be okay.     After seeing her daughter was saved, a happy father went for a celebratory drink. The old doctor shook his head and watched over Ming Wu Yan personally.

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