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Reverse Evolution

Reverse Evolution Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Wake up. In the golden autumn of October, the sky is high and the clouds are light. The sun is about to rise to the middle of the sky, but the yellow city is quiet as if still asleep. A bird with a wingspan of two meters fell under the wind and landed on the top of the eye-catching signboard of Quincy District No.1 Central Hospital. After looking around, it was finally attracted by a window pane on the inclined side. I don't know whether I appreciate the pigeon-like figure shown on the gla.s.s or the sight behind the gla.s.s. In short, I stayed for a long time and made some unknown "goo goo" calls intermittently before I fluttered away. In the super intensive observation room on the 23rd floor of the central hospital, a young patient was lying on the sickbed with a disease course record at his feet: At 14:23 on October 2, 2013 Name: Miao Pu; Gender: male; Age: 22 years old; Date of birth: July 7, 1991; Work: Grade 2, College of Biological Science and Technology, Huangcheng Forestry University. Chief complaint: wolf bite on left hand and left forearm, 5 wounds, slight muscle and ligament damage, no fracture found, slight infection with high fever. Disposition: disinfection and cleaning of wounds, suture and bandaging, oral administration of a.n.a.lgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. At 17:49 on October 2, 2013 Chief Complaint: Acute Shock Accompanied by High Fever Physical examination: body temperature: 42℃, oropharyngeal mucosa is obviously hyperemic, double lingual palatal arch is hyperemic and swollen, double tonsils are enlarged at 11 degrees, punctate purulent secretion can be seen in the crypt, and lymph follicles in the posterior pharyngeal wall are red and swollen. There is no obvious inducement for skin petechiae and ecchymosis, especially on limbs, accompanied by sweating. Examination plan: routine hematuria, biochemical items, infection screening, chest radiograph, electrocardiogram, bacterial culture and drug sensitivity if necessary. Diagnosis and differential diagnosis: unknown virus infection, emergency isolation, emergency maintenance and treatment. Disposal: At 18:00 on October 2, 2013, the superior ordered the emergency patient to be transferred, and the transferring party was unknown. …… The body is full of tubes of different thicknesses and colorful cables, and there are more than 10 kinds of instruments parked around the sickbed, some of which are in top medical research inst.i.tutes and are not necessarily matched. However, such cutting-edge instruments are not in working condition. To be more precise, all instruments are not running. It seems that the power cables are connected well, but the power indicator is not on. The patient on the sickbed lived without interest. The room was so quiet but he could not hear his breathing and his chest could not see the ups and downs. It seemed that he had died a long time ago. Suddenly, the patient opened his eyes, his eyes were not focused, his face was distorted and his mouth was wide open, he seemed to want to shout, but he seemed to be gripped by a pair of invisible hands and made no noise. His white eyes were quickly bloodshot and his skin was rapidly turning deep red. The neck, sideburns, forehead, blood vessels and veins stood out, followed by spasmodic convulsions ... Extreme punishment-like pain tormented the patient. The patient's hospital gown and even the bed sheet were soon soaked by sweat oozing from the skin. As time went by, there was no sign that the torture would stop or slow down. The instinct of life made the patient make hoa.r.s.e noises subconsciously, but he could not get any help. He could only live or die by himself now! Just as the suffocating person suddenly gets the chance to breathe, the fierce and lasting sound of inhaling sounds like it comes from deep underground. "Ah ... ahem ... whoops ..." In this long inhalation process, he seemed to rekindle the fire of life and gained vitality. MiaoPu struggled to sit up from the bed. His desire to say something seemed to be blocked by the rubber hose inserted in his mouth, and blurred, vacant and anxious eyes gradually began to focus. Outside the skylight through the cracks in the blinds, dazzling, narrowing her eyes for a long time to adapt to the indoor light. He shook his head, raised his arm like a reflex, and a stabbing pain brought his eyes back to clarity. A look at the infusion needle inserted in his hand showed that half a bottle of dark red blood was in the infusion bottle hung on the infusion stand. He pulled the needle out of his hand with a frown, moved his finger, pulled out a hose less than half a meter long from his mouth with difficulty, and then the severe cough and vomiting brought him to life. Gradually calmed down all kinds of discomfort, took down all kinds of attached and inserted pipes and cables, and had already sweated and gasped like dogs after a ordeal. In the end, I also found two very f.u.c.king things ... First, there was a thin tube inserted into the middle child, followed by a bag filled with liquid, golden and bright in color. Second, his rear court is now connected to the pipe ... "Well, what's wrong ..." "Doctor, doctor ... someone didn't ah ... come on ..." Shouted for half a day also did not see a figure, hence the heart a horizontal, took out one share leng jin son, with the hand pulling the back of the pipe slowly to pull out, the day poor see, incredibly seems to be able to get out. For a long time, his face looked like an insulted Miaopu, his cheeks flushed, his nasal tip perspiring and his breathing became more and more urgent. If his facial expression was slightly charming, it would be easy to think of something. It's just ... At present, he is holding his hands on the bed with his b.u.t.tocks tilted. His facial features are rarely closer than usual, and thick breathing and whispering are heard in his nasal cavity. MiaoPiao frowning, staring straight at his brother's head with a small tube, like wondering what, a long time with a frown, a strong man to die feeling, with the hand gently holding the second, "brother sorry for you ..." Desire is always good and reality is always cruel. Accompanied by trembling moans and wheezing with vibrato, he gave up the idea of trying to get the slim tube out, seemingly stuck by something and unable to get it out. "No, it's just a few bites from a wolf. Why do you need such a big one?" In the face of all kinds of instruments lying around his sickbed, some of which he could not guess what to do, he was obviously shocked. He mumbled and moved his left hand, but found nothing uncomfortable. Although the gauze above was not removed, it was not a big problem instinctively. Struggling out of bed, a face of bitter hatred looked at the tray filled with liquid bag, "catheterization? Ah ... "After a helpless sigh, holding the edge in disgust, he picked up the bag from the tray and observed it. He found a screw-on plug at the end of the bag and went straight to the toilet. Smelling the dense air in the hospital, I went to the window and prepared to open the window to let the air out. As a result ... Miao Piao stayed away. The view from the window was empty streets, chaotic and dilapidated shops, littered vehicles and hazy buildings in the distance risking black smoke. "This is swollen yao a what circ.u.mstance ..." Whispering in mouth MiaoPu brain moment when the machine. The city seems to have experienced some kind of catastrophe, but at the same time it also felt a deadly silence. At the moment, the city quietly released Buddha and died.

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