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Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat

Quick Transmigration Of A Rotten Meat Chapter 1

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The estranged mother and son X The son who yearned for mother's love (1) Lin Lulu rubbed her head, pinching the area between her eyebrows with her two fingers, and tiredly looked at the scene in front of her. Ancient roof and pillars, stools, bead curtains, clothes and even a servant girl harping on beside her ear. Everything made her want to find a quiet corner to ponder about her situation. She transmigrated? Isn't this bad? This can be counted as forcing her to rush with her task… they also didn't care if you want it or not, you're forced to receive it. Whatever! She was a dispensable person in her original world anyway; all along, there's no one who care about her. Lin Lulu opened the system and looked at her own attributes: Name: Lin Lulu Age: Take a guess. Appearance: 80 (devastatingly beautiful… next level 90, extremely beautiful) Physical Const.i.tution: 50 (You're just an ordinary girl) Charm: 10 (No wonder you're so beautiful… but no one took notice because of the lack of your existence) Military Might: 30 (Common) Intelligence: 60 (Not stupid, but not smart either) Parcel: Four grids: one pack of 'Novice Package' (one grid can hold the same item infinitely) Device: White Tiger (You guys should be familiar with it… I won't explain it) [T/N: hairless and smooth female part, lol] Halo : None Skill: Culinary Excellence Attribute Point: 100 (given to newbie) Lin Lulu silently looked at the attributes in front of her… she couldn't help but frowning her delicate eyebrows, making the servant girl beside her, Xiaoju, to worry: "Is Furen still feeling hot? If it's too hot, let's ask Young master if we could go to the village to avoid some heat?" Although Lin Lulu was called 'Furen', her age was without a doubt around 40 years old. However, despite her mature age, there's no wrinkle on her face and instead she has the delicate ruddiness of a 16 years old girl. It can be said that except for the servant girl Xiaoju, no one else could even guess her age right… Lin Lulu shook her head, thinking that the sudden rush of memory hasn't been fully digested yet. She quietly whispered, "Open the Novice Package" and a sound immediately resounded… "Ding dong! Opening Novice Package: pa.s.sive skill 'fall in love at first sight', Attribute Point + 100, Device: ‘Delicate and exquisite face'" Although Lulu was reluctant of receiving the 100 points, it was still very useful. However, what's the use of this pa.s.sive skill 'love at first sight'? Isn't her task just to make her own life better, not to seduce men? Shaking her head, Lin Lulu chose to ignore these two things, and at the same time trying to ignore that her neglected son would later in the story glare at her covetously… but afterwards, she decided to remind herself to be more careful about this black-bellied and possessive son. Lin Lulu pondered about the story and memory that the system gave her. If it's according to the novel, this 'Furen' was only a canon-fodder. Her son was the male lead, and her daughter in law was the female lead. She was a mother in law, so if she just sit and watch from the side, the matter between the male and female lead shouldn't have any link with her…but… when the female lead just married into the house, she saw her mother in law's peerless beauty, and hatred grew in her heart as she made irresponsible accusations before the male lead.

Because of the unchanging appearance of Lin Lulu, she herself was afraid that she could make a disturbance, so she had been hiding from her son, Rong Yan, since the beginning of his adulthood, and thus making them unfamiliar with each other. His impression about his mother suffered a drastic decline.

He believed his own wife, the female lead, that his mother was 'vicious and venomous', so he let the female lead seize the big and small matters inside the house, while Lin Lulu's belongings kept getting worse as time pa.s.s by.

She tried to find her son to ask for help, but was intercepted by the female lead, and finally died because of starvation.

"…" what the h.e.l.l? Dying because of starvation, isn't this too dramatic… isn't that son a biological one? This novel… I will give it bad reviews, absolutely bad reviews…

TL NOTE New series, another s.m.u.tty one. I still can't decide if I will really take this as my side project or not, but since I promised to translate 10 chapters, then I'll just do so. The story and s.m.u.t is actually quite interesting, but the author's wording made me sometimes wonder if they're trolling or something, or maybe it's just my own lack of skill. Teehee~

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