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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chapter 1

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This will be the start of the translation for the novel "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" by Zhou Gangan. This novel had been adapted into a drama. The reason why I shared this because I really like the drama and I want others to read the original novel as well The translation is not mine. My Chinese friend, Jia, translated this for me. The posting time for this translation will be fixed, which will be once a week, on Monday (Indonesia Time) t.i.tle: Put Your Head on My Shoulder (致我们暖暖的小时光)
Author: Zhou Gangan
Translation credit: Jia Note:
The novel is QUITE different from the drama so everyone need to read it with an open mind. You might be shocked on how things are so different in the novel, but don't give up! I can say that the novel is very good as well and I really enjoy reading them. Enjoy!
Chapter 1

Situ Mo stopped at the dormitory door with a pile of books in her hand. It was too hard to spare her hands to knock on the door, so she had to raise her foot to kick at the door until she heard the response of ‘Coming, Coming' and the rush of footsteps coming from the door.

w.a.n.g Shan opened the door and was surprised at the books in her hands which were almost higher than her head ‘Wow, why are you holding so many books?'

‘To write graduation thesis.'

‘Well, I haven't started the writing yet. I spent all my time for the recruitment fair.' w.a.n.g Shan sighed.

‘Recruitment fairs were so inefficient that many companies were not interested in recruiting people. They just went through the moves for advertising.' Situ Mo answered casually and went to her place, folding the stack of books on another one on the table.

‘You really have guts, just give up after running for several recruitment fairs.' w.a.n.g Shan said after her.

She turned on the computer and turned her head, ‘I'm lazy.'

Situ Mo had had been to four recruitment fairs and each time she got nothing but exhausted body and mind, so she simply took the route of ‘If postgraduate entrance exams were not to be taken in Senior Four, every day will be like New Year's celebration'...

‘I really envy you. I dare not be as so open-minded as you are. I always feel that as life, any possible opportunities should be tried. Try, hopeful, otherwise, hopeless…'. w.a.n.g Shan said with a contemptuous tone.

‘So you can be a strong woman in the future, but I can't.' Situ Mo interrupted w.a.n.g Shan and turned back to the computer instead of talking to her. w.a.n.g Shan stood at her desk for a while, feeling bored, then walked away.

‘By the way, Mo, your brother Fu just called you.' w.a.n.g Shan collected two pieces of clothes from the balcony and then returned to Situ Mo's table.

Situ Mo looked back at her, ‘I said that he's not my brother Fu. Don't say nonsense.'

‘Come on, don't be shy.' w.a.n.g Shan gave her a big push.

‘What did he say?'

‘He said he couldn't get through to your cell phone and asked you to call him when you came back.'

‘I see.' Situ Mo turned back to play the computer again.

Having stood behind her for a long while, w.a.n.g Shan finally couldn't help saying, ‘Don't you need to call him?'

‘No, he'll call again if anything happens.' Situ Mo said without even turning her head back

‘Mo, you know... You'd better call him, or he'll think that I didn't pa.s.s the words.' w.a.n.g Shan was a little bit hesitant.

Situ Mo gave w.a.n.g Shan a look. Oh boy, this w.a.n.g Shan is really hopeless.

Fu Pei, called by w.a.n.g Shan as brother Fu, was a high school cla.s.smate of Situ Mo. His att.i.tude toward Situ Mo has always been ambiguous. Situ Mo had tried several times to make it clear to him, but was satirized by him in turn every time. Since he wouldn't admit, it seemed she's too self-righteous to say anymore, so she had to let him go. Anyway, he's a good friend, kind and considerate, but what if he act as a boyfriend? Just forget it. According to her incomplete statistics, since he began to understand the difference between men and women, the number of his girlfriends has been as many as a game of mahjong, not the number of mahjong players, but that of mahjong pieces.

People all over the world have felt that w.a.n.g Shan likes Fu Pei, although she stubbornly refused to admit. Situ Mo always felt that she had a certain responsibility for this, after all, because she knew both of them. So she always tell the story about Fu Pei's past in the dormitory, attempting to stifle w.a.n.g Shan's feelings for him. However, unexpectedly, the more she exaggerated Fu Pei's love story, the more w.a.n.g Shan became obsessed with him.

Women are sometimes foolish, knowing that the man is amorous, who is more diligent in changing girlfriends than changing his underwear, but she just feels that she can change him and become a different woman in his life. In fact, there are no such cheap things! His mother had taught him all her life but failed to let him become a kind and harmless person. You just live in hope that you could change him in a day?

‘Fu Pei, this is me, Situ Mo.' Situ Mo skillfully dialed a series of numbers. Fu Pei's phone number is so easy to remember, a series of 8, a series of 9, a series of 0. She doubted that no other number will be easier to remember than this one, except for 13,800,138,000. ‘How much did he spent to get this number?' Situ Mo wondered.

‘Mo, where did you go just now? I couldn't get through to your phone' Fu Pei's voice pa.s.sed from the other end of the phone.

‘I went to the library, the signal was not good there. What did you want to see me about?' Situ Mo could feel that although w.a.n.g Shan was facing her with her back, her ears were actually listening to their conversation.

‘I can't find you if there's nothing? I miss you so much.'

‘Don't be saucy with me. I will hung up if you don't say anything.' Fu Pei's sweet words would never take effects for her.

‘Fine, fine, fine. I'll take my graduation picture on Friday. Come over then.'

‘No.' Situ Mo had never been to Fu Pei's school during four years of university, but Fu Pei always ran to her school, which was the reason why w.a.n.g Shan could met Fu Pei.

‘Mo! Come on, I take graduation photos and you don't come. Wouldn't it be too much?' Fu Pei laments.

‘What am I going to do when you take your graduation photograph?' Still, Situ Mo did not let go.

‘Many people will have friends from other schools to take pictures then. How poor will I be if you don't come.'

‘Look for someone else.'

‘You know that I don't have many friends.' His voice suddenly dropped.

This is a big truth. Few people can stand Fu Pei's temper. So in high school, except for his endless girlfriends, he had Situ Mo as his only friend. But in fact, Situ Mo didn't volunteer to be his friend either.

Situ Mo did well in her study from childhood to college.

The reason for her good grades is either talent or hard work, but Situ Mo was neither talented nor diligent. All her efforts were forced by the environment.

From childhood to adulthood, no matter which teacher was, as soon as he got the student list, he would say, ‘Oh, there's a student with multiple surnames in our cla.s.s. Which one is Situ? Stand up and let me see.' So she became the first person in the cla.s.s to be known by her cla.s.smates. Then it would always turn into the situation that ‘Situ, please solve this problem.' ‘Situ, you answer this question.' ‘Situ, your homework will be checked by random.' ‘Situ, recite this pa.s.sage for us.'


So she was forced to be a good student by her name. It has been a common feature that in primary and secondary schools, good students should be cla.s.s representative. So Situ Mo had been working as the monitor from small to large, which contributed to the fact that as long as she heard someone call for the monitor, she would can't help but reply. In a word, Situ Mo, the monitor of the cla.s.s at that time, was a.s.signed by the teacher to teach Fu Pei, the cynic in the cla.s.s, and then she became his so-called confidant. But he never knew that, in fact, she didn't want to be his confidant at all.

‘Mo! Why don't you talk?' Fu Pei's voice interrupted her recollection.

‘Well, I'll go.' Oh well, she'll go. Otherwise, he will be too poor without a friend. She has never heard of anyone taking graduation photographs alone.

‘Really? I love you so much. I'll pick you up in the morning.' He didn't expect her to agree so quickly, and was somewhat flattered.

‘No, I'll go myself.' This guy is crazy. Everyone takes the bus, and why should he pick her up?

‘That's all right. I'll pick you up.'

‘I said I'll go myself, don't nag me!'

‘Fine, let me know when you get on the bus.'

‘Well, is there anything else? I'll hang up if there's nothing else.'

‘You are so merciless...' He said sadly.

‘You just know that, bye.' Situ Mo hung up and went to her place.

w.a.n.g Shan seemed very busy, bowing her head in the drawer to do something.


Situ Mo stopped and said, ‘Hmm?'

‘Uh... I just accidentally heard you talk about graduation photos...' w.a.n.g Shan said hesitatingly.

She's really careless this time... Situ Mo just said, ‘Yes, Fu Pei took graduation photographs on Friday.'

‘My friend is in that school as well. I was asked to take graduation photographs several days ago. Shall we go together?' w.a.n.g Shan looked at her expectantly.

Situ Mo nodded: ‘Let's go together.'

What else can be done? Anyway, she had blocked her too many times before. But if a girl really wants to jump into the fire pit, it's really hard to stop her.

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