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Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated In Another World

Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated In Another World Chapter 1

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Not Sure – Chapter 1

Translator: flowingcloud    Editor: Arocks141

Author’s Note: It’s a common reincarnation story.

It’s something that I was struck with an idea and wrote energetically, so the setting and various things are leisurely. Please spare me the harsh comments.

Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World

“……The sky is blue.”

When I woke up, the blue sky stretched before my eyes.

I sat up and surveyed my surroundings. The place I currently am in a horse-drawn carriage that seems to have been overturned. The door was overhead and open. Several corpses were scattered about around me. There were heaps of corpses all around. My body had scratches and several scars. My body also ached here and there.

I’m…… Ren. I have no family name. I’m a 10 year old orphan girl. Also, I was… Yuuki Renjuurou, the third son carrying on the family lineage of goldsmithing.

Yup, not sure, but it seems like I’ve been born again. It seems like it is the event commonly referred to as ISEKAI TENSEI.1

As far as I can remember, I was some sort of engineer and developer, and a researcher as well.

I think I’ve worked for a relatively large company and seems like I’m part of the top salary bracket generally referred to by common society..

By the way, I was single even past my mid-thirties, but I was concentrating on my so-called otaku hobbies, while going back and forth the s.e.x industry regarding my s.e.xual desires, and I think I’m relatively enjoying my bachelor life.

I think the cause of my death was the experiment of the prototype model of some stage of the experiment of the new technology.

I’m a common bomb victim that was swallowed up a big rampaging explosion where parts burst and scattered.

While it may be true that there was hope that we could possibly finally reach the level of the practical use of the experimental operating prototype model, as expected it was a mistake to observe through the gla.s.s separating the room. If I had observed with a camera in a separate room like usual, this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened. Ensuring safety is essential.

Who was it? The idiot who said we should observe at point-blank range to celebrate. Or rather, the fact that no one voiced any disagreements meant they were all the MAD type. I don’t understand.

At any rate, I once lived in a world called Earth, and died due to an accident. I was reincarnated into this world, and I was a reincarnator that regained their memories from their past life.

My name now is Ren. As I mentioned earlier, I’m an orphan with no family name. The point that it resembles my name in my previous life by some sort of fate erased some, nevertheless, a bit of my sense of discomfort.

It may be because I recalled my memories of when I lived formerly as an adult, my direction of thinking seems to be influenced by it…… However, there seem to be no inconvenience so far, so this matter has been put on hold temporarily.

For the time being, understanding my current condition is of maximum priority. Currently, I’m under a tall, tall cliff. You could say that my condition is having wounds all over my body. How did it come to this?

……This world is in a medieval-like era, things like skills exist, there’s also magic, things like demons as well, similar to games where dragons fly in the sky. It seems like it’s that kind of a world. A very template-like fantasy world.

Also, in this world, children receive something called ‘temporary baptism’ at the age of five. If it’s a village in the sticks, they go to a nearby large city and receive it at a church, but you’ll be able to see your own status once you receive this temporary baptism.

Yup, that’s right. This world can be seen as some sort of game. It’s a miracle!

I don’t know exactly is going on, but it seems like there’s such a thing. I would like to research the theory as a researcher someday.

By the way, having said that I can see my status, it’s not that there’s a window appearing before my eyes. There’s just that there’s an image that comes to mind inside my head.

Apart from that, now let’s return to the main topic.

It’s said that if a child receives the temporary baptism, they would acquire the the innate skill that they were born with.

Innate skills. It seems like it does not manifest thoroughly until you receive the baptism. Thus, by receiving the temporary baptism, one could fully acquire their skill and fully obtain the benefits.

Well, I don’t have that sort of skill though.

Furthermore, when you become 10 years old in this world, you receive something called the real baptism.

Which means you receive it at the church and the likes, but when you receive this true baptism, very rarely, but there’s cases of obtaining a new skill. I followed this pattern.

However, the skill I gained this time was a problem.

The skill that I acquired was [Appraisal].

This skill is literally a skill that examines details of various things. Thinking about it on the surface, I believe that this is a very useful skills for merchants and the like.

By the way, the orphanage that I was at was not state operated but privately operated, and the investor was quite a wealthy merchant. Thus, I was an orphan that lived due to that individual. Naturally, my skill was enclosed. Or rather, the orphanage was a place they operated for the sake of confining children like me.

Furthermore, the wealthy merchant who invested in this place had ceaseless bad rumors who had a l.u.s.tful reputation.

My future is pitch dark.

If I remained confined, it’d be certain that I’d be treated as a slave or even worse. No matter how I thought about it, there wouldn’t be a decent experience. However, here is just a single underweight orphan who was indebted to the person contributing to the orphanage.

There should be no way to change the current situation, and in a few days, I was transferred by coach to the city the l.u.s.tful merchant-sama mentioned above was in.

From the small town the orphanage was in to the large city that the financier-sama was in, it was necessary to pa.s.s either through the steep mountain and forest or through a route that makes a big detour, but this financier-sama was stingy about the trip, or rather, like a capitalist, so I was transported through the mountain route.

Moreover, the coachman appears to be an idiot. They saw a gap within the thieves and drove the coach thinking they could escape, and once again since the thieves were also idiots, they fired an arrow at the horse, and the shot horse acted violently and the coach plunged down the cliff. So now we’ve arrived at the present.

“My feet, they hurt……”

I looked around inside the coach.

The people who I traveled with for the past few days… Everyone was wet with blood and their necks facing the wrong direction.

…… I had a habit of curling up, laying my head on my knees held under my arm, when in pain or when going through a bitter experience. Thanks to that, I didn’t break my neck inside the rotating coach falling down and finish myself off. However, it appeared that my entire body had suffered bruises though.

Why did I have such a habit? The reason is simple. I was hara.s.sed by the boys in the orphanage. The reason is simple, because I’m tall. I’m big and a bother, annoying, eyesore, and so forth and often pushed. But thanks to that, I survived. The world is a mysterious thing.

I tried to crawl out of the coach with my current turned sideways state somehow, but it seemed like my foot was twisted and had been hurting for some time. My body was bruised here and there and was unable to settle down in any way.

Well then, what should I do now?

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