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My Rebellious Vicious Concubine

My Rebellious Vicious Concubine Chapter 1: Murder: Pushed Into The Toxic Abyss

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Just after she regains consciousness, Nangong Ning suddenly feels that her cheeks tingle with burning as soon as a slap mercilessly falls on her face.

The blow is so hard that her head strikes something with a bang. Instantly she feels dizzy.

"b.i.t.c.h! How come that you have actually come to life! No poison could have killed you!" A shrill female voice rings in her ears.

Nangong Ning manages to open her eyes with her confused head and sees a red figure in front of her blurred eyes. The red colour is so bright that it makes her dizzy again.

Before she knows what's going on, Nangong Ning feels that something powerful seizes her from the opposite side suddenly.

She is hauled forward, dragged along, and she staggers on.

"I don't believe that you could escape from over a hundred varieties of venomous insects in the toxic abyss!"

As soon as the atrocious voice comes to an end, Nangong Ning feels that she is so pushed away by something powerful that she couldn't help falling down. However, instead of falling on the ground, she finds herself falling fast with a sense of weightlessness.

At that critical moment, the instinct reflection of her body is to grasp something with her hands in order to save her life. In her desperate and random act, she finally catches something with her hands.

She comes to her sense when she feels the burning pain of her hands with her body hanging on the cliff.

Opening her eyes, she looks up and finds that a woman in a blood-red dress holdinga large stone ready to drop it on her.

From her cruel and twisted face, Nangong Ning knows that this woman wants to put her to feath! Not only did she push her off the cliff, but also the woman is ready to drop the stone on her!

What grudges does the woman have on Nangong Ning?

Nangong Ning is at loss at this very moment.

Isn't that I was in a car a moment ago? Isn't that I was seized and was to be brought to their headquarters?

Why am I here to be murdered by a woman?

Just as Nangong Ning is baffled by all these things, the woman holding the big stone suddenly catches a glimp of her bracelet and asks: "Nangong Ning! How come the bracelet is on your wrist?"

Nangong Ning looks at her wrist and there is indeed a bracelet. Though it looks like an ordinary jade bracelet, it isin fact...

  Before Nangong Ning figures out the situation, the woman puts the stone down crazily and reaches out her hand to Nangong Ning. The latter, who of couse does not want to lose her life, is climbing up with the help of the woman. But before she reaches the top of the cliff, the woman tries hard to get the bracelet from Nangong Ning.

Trying to avoid the woman's action, Nangong Ning moves aside in haste and all of a sudden she slips and falls down without even crying out.

On seeing this, the woman on the edge of the cliff is so frightened that her face turns pale. But in a second, she laughs wildly.

"Nangong Ning! Even without the phoenix bracelet, I will marry the Crown Prince without any problem. Keep the phoenix bracelet with you and you will be the food for the venomous insects, ha ha!"

Nangong Ning of course does not hear such crazy laughs for her body is rapidly falling. Under such a strong stimulation, there is a surge of information into her mind:

Nangong Ning, the lineal eldest daughter of the Nangong family in the State of Dongli, is the owner of the phoenix bracelet. Her parents disappeared in a war, and her grandparents died untimely. A few years ago, she came to live with her uncle and aunt, who loved her very much. Her uncle had a daughter, a cousin of hers, who was clever and cute, keeping her company.

Everything was fine. She would marry the Crown Prince when she reached the age of 15 for she had the engagement with the Crown Prince in her childhood because she was the owner of the phoenix bracelet.

But three years ago, her health was going from bad to worse. Her uncle and aunt went everywhere to look for doctors for her but their efforts went in vain.

However, Nangong Ning tried hard to keep fit for the wedding. But just three days before the wedding, she was poisoned, and the poisoner is hercousin, Nangong Qingyao.

She is the woman in red on the edge of the cliff now.

The red dress she is wearing is the wedding dress for Nangong Ning.

Nangong Qingyao poisoned Nangong Ning for the purpose of replacing Nangong Ning to marry the CrownPrince.

Ha things stand now, the so-called illness, the so-called love and the so-called care are totally fake.

Her uncle's family's purpose is simply to take everything by force from the Nangong family, including her phoenix bracelet and her engagement.

But what does that have to do with me?

Except for the same name Nangong Ning, I am ….

Nangong Ning feels that she has a grievance.

She was a genius poisoner. However, the organization that she belongs to failed in a duel with an antagonistic organization due to a traitor in the organization. Because of her position in the organization, she was caught alive, and it was said that she would be brought back to their headquarters.

And then she remembered that she was taken into a car. But it was blown up when the car was in the middle of a bridge, and she just...

Her memory could go no more than that, and Nangong Ning suddenly realizes that she is dying. She remembered that Nangong Qingyao had mentioned to her that the cliff she is at is called the Toxic Abyss with a hundred varieties of venomous insects down there.

f.u.c.k! She is really vicious!

Nangong Ning subconsciously raises her wrist, and the bracelet she wears is her newly developed weapon. Though it looks like a jade bracelet, it has the effect of keeping poison away.

  Can it save her life?

But the point is, even if it can keep the poison away from her, will she fall to her death?

Suddenly she hears a splash of water, as if it were a waterfall.

There should be a pool down there. If so, she wouldn't have fallen to her death..

She has also dived before and knows how to enter the water in such a way as to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Thinking of that, Nangong Ning immediately bends her legs, crosses her arms and buries her head between her knees.

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