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My Passive Skills Are Invincible!

My Passive Skills Are Invincible! Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Second World
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In a parallel world.

AD 2161.

​​ 8
In a simple yet tidy room, an 18-year-old youth was lying on his bed as he silently watched the television.

The old television in front of the bed continuously reported the news as it produced static “bzz bzz” sounds.

“Next, we will broadcast news regarding an online gaming channel!

“December 31st, 2161. Today is the annual… bzz bzz… Second World talent test day. It's no exaggeration to say that this day will determine… bzz bzz… the fate of all the students of this year.

“The of New York City's No. 1 high school has said that this year, the school is expected to produce… bzz bzz… S-grade talent students.

“As everyone knows, last year, in the year of 2160, New York City's No. 1 high school had… bzz bzz… produced S-grade students. Their talent is The Blessing of the G.o.d of Fire. Under the protection of the federation… bzz bzz… They studied under famous teachers and have become the focus of the federation.

“I wonder if they will appear again today… bzz bzz… The favored ones. Let us wait and see.”

The youth on the bed stood up lazily, looked at the old television before him, and fell into deep thought.

Although the television constantly produced slight static noises, the general content of the broadcasted news could still be heard clearly.

The news sounded like an ordinary news broadcast, nothing special could be heard from it.

Though to this youth, it was an extremely shocking big bang news.

“This year… is 2161?

“I've transmigrated???”

The youth lowered his head in confusion and quietly stared at his hands.

Fair, young, and strong!

His gaze followed his right hand as he gradually raised his hands.

Sunlight shone in from outside the window, and through the gaps between his fingers, warm rays landed on his face.


‘It's real!'

Mike was utterly convinced with his transmigration.

He had transmigrated to 30 years ago!!!

After he clarified his current situation, Mike narrowed his eyes slightly.

100 years ago, which was 2060.

Second World appeared suddenly. No one knew how this game came about.

People over the age of 18 could mentally log in to the game anytime and anywhere they wanted. Despite that, people still preferred logging in at home. After all, once they were logged in, their bodies in the real world would become defenseless.

Although the appearance of such an “online game” was already surprising enough, what came after was even more shocking.

Everyone gradually discovered that the abilities in the game could actually be subst.i.tuted into the real world!

Though with power came disasters.

During those years, the order of the world became extremely chaotic.

Murders, robberies… or simple terrorist attacks could be seen everywhere.

The human government immediately enforced military suppression, but no obvious results could be seen within a short period of time.

It lasted for a full five years!

The order of the human world recovered gradually, though the cost was that the human population dropped to a mere two billion.

More than half of the human population died in that catastrophe.

Second World became a taboo, and the world formed unified laws where no one was allowed to log into the game.

However, was it something that could be banned just because it was forbidden by law?

To be honest, it was difficult.

Because logging into the game was way too convenient!

All you needed was a thought to log into the game, then you could secretly increase your strength.

Therefore, although the crimes related to the Second World had decreased, they never disappeared.

Five years later, the federal government realized the severity of the matter.

Sneaky villains could ignore the law, secretly log into the game and increase their strength. On the contrary, law-abiding and honest citizens would remain as ordinary people.

If this went on, once they reached a critical point, disasters would erupt again.

However, the justice camp led by the federal government could not suppress them by force.

Hence, a revolution occurred.

The federal government changed the law. Not only did they allow people to log into the game, they even set up schools globally to train students.

At the same time, they set up special organizations to focus on training talented students.

Through this, those who gained abilities would be controlled.

This kind of change had benefited the world, and the world gradually recovered.

However, good times were short-lived. 50 years later, Second World actually updated its server!

The monsters of the devil's den had obtained the ability to invade earth, and the monsters were restless and eager to make a move!

Every once in a while, powerful monsters would appear on earth and attack humans. In more severe situations, there would even be a beast tide, which meant that a large number of monsters would invade earth at once.

In order to defend against the invasion of monsters, humans had to have sufficient strength.

In everyone's heart, the importance of Second World had once again risen by a large margin!

Ordinary people would activate their ordinary talents and live a mediocre life.

Meanwhile, once the favored ones activate their powerful talents, they would be able to reach new heights in their lives.

It could be said that the real world was inseparable from the Second World.


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