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City Freyton, in a dark alley a man is standing with an iron rod in his hand, blood dripping from its tip, the man is six feet tall, black hair, and a well-built body which showed his defined muscles, he was wearing jeans and a brown tank top, his whole attire was covered with blood, fortunately it was not his.There were ten bodies lying on the ground, some of them were completely motionless and some of them were rolling on the ground holding onto their injured legs, hands, head, whatever that was broken.The Man turned around and looked at these ten people on the ground, he had pure black eyes, even his pupils couldn't be seen, he has a well-defined jawline, his facial feature is above average, he looked quite young as well, maybe in his early twenties."I told you, idiots, not to mess will me, now I have to buy new clothes" The man looked at his tank top and jeans which are covered with blood. "Do you know this was my favorite tank top?" He said and swing the iron rod at the nearest fallen man and broke his arm."Arrrgggggg" The injured man screamed out of his lungs as he gripped his arm "Please spare me, I will give you anything you want, please" the injured man started crying from pain and begged for mercy, the others who were badly injured also started to beg for mercy."Hoo? Why should I, weren't you guys the one that came asking for trouble" He squatted down and used the rod's tip to lift the face of the injured man who was about to faint from all the blood loss and pain."You know what? I shall forgive you and even send you to the hospital, but you have to pay a price""I will, no, we all will pay a price, please brother spare us" The injured man felt relief as he heard what the young man in front of him said.The Young man smiled and looked around to confirm if everyone agrees to what their injured friend just said, the ones who were still conscious started to nod their head aggressively, the young man's smile grew wider as he saw this."Perfect," He said and pulled out a mobile phone from his pocket and called someone."Yes, Derry come to alley fourteen and also bring an ambulance. You guys are lucky I am in quite a good mood today or all of you have been bedridden for life, hahahaha" The young man laughed and sat on a tin barrel which was next to a wall.The Injured men shuddered and just laid motionless on the ground hoping for the ambulance to come quickly."This rod is pretty good, I should ask Mr. Wallter to make something like this for me to use"The young man said and he swung the Iron rod left and right creating a rippling sound, the men on the ground didn't feel good about it at all, they always felt that the next swing will hit them and take their heads off.'If I knew this would happen I would have never confronted him' The leader of this group cursed himself for being too rash and picking a fight thinking what could a single young man could do.
Soon all of them heard a siren sound, the young man turned around and saw a white van coming towards their direction."Here's the ambulance" The young man went back to his feet and walked towards the coming ambulance, the ambulance stopped right in front of him then a young man with red hair, wearing a blue t-shirt and black pants came out of the ambulance."Yo, Brother Jason how are you" This young man is Derry, he walked forwards to give Jason a hug but Jason pushed him away."Come on Jason, it's just a hug, no need to be so distant," Derry said while smiling."Why did you color your hair?" Jason asked seeing Derry's red hair."Don't you think it's cool? all the girls I met said they liked it" Derry said with a big smile on his face."All the girls you are around are, they even tell an old guy that he is handsome and his c.o.c.k is awesome," Jason said with a smirk on his face"Ouch that hurt my feelings, by the way, brother why the ambulance" Derry skipped the conversation as he didn't want to get more embarra.s.sed by Jason, Jason pointed at his back so Derry extended his head and looked back to see ten bodies lying completely motionless on the ground."Are they dead?" He asked as he didn't see any movements, Jason turned around to see that they were not moving at all "Oh, it looks like they just fainted while we were talking, take them to the hospital and treat them"Derry walked towards the unconscious men and looked at their status and sighed in relief, he knew Jason very well and how cruel he could be, when he saw that these men all had their bones dislocated and minor fractures, he knew Jason went easy on them."Yo guys, get the stretcher we need them to be taken to the hospital quickly" Derry spoke and suddenly two bulky men came out of the back of the van kicking the door open with a stretcher on their hand, then went towards the unconscious body and threw them one above other and carried all of them in one go and tossed them inside the ambulance.Derry then walked towards Jason "Brother Jason, what about the money", Jason looked at him and thought for a second "When those fools recover make them work for you since you need extra workers for your job, think this as a gift from me"Derry just laughed awkwardly, he knew what Jason meant, he was literally selling this injured men to him, but he didn't argue as he owed Jason many things."Ok, then brother I will be going" Derry got back inside the ambulance and drove off, Jason stood there and again looked at his clothes."s.h.i.t I forgot to ask those idiots money for a new set of clothes, it all ruined by their blood" Jason got p.i.s.sed and walked away leaving the alley behind, no one knew what happened in the alley this night and even if they knew no one would utter it as Freyton city is ruled by the criminals, not the authorities, even the authorities are corrupted to the core in this city, if one wants to live peacefully in this city they just need to keep quiet.

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