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I Really Want To Go Against The Sky

I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1

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Yang Fan opened his eyes and saw that there was a car flying in the sky, and there were more than one.

  They seemed to travel in a messy trajectory, while gliding,some even dived, and some traveled forming a figure 8 , but they seemed to travel in same speed, but they didn't seemed to collide into each other as they were flying at different height.

  ”Nima, it seems that I am really drunk to even see the cars fly in the sky, maybe I am dreaming.”

   “Well, dreaming is good, dreaming shows that I can finally fall asleep!”

  Yang Fan turned over and went to sleep on the other side. After five days and five nights of insomnia, he never felt so happy to sleep.

  So sweet, so satisfying, so enjoyable!

  In conclusion, getting drunk is a good thing. He should have thought of using this method to help him sleep earlier, even though he was dead drunk and vomited, It was worth it.

  ”You turned over in sleep, your body coordination improved, physical recovery +1.”

  In the meantime, a gentle but slightly mechanical strange female voice could be heard in his ear. Yang Fan frowned and muttered vaguely saying: “Don't make trouble! Let me Sleep!”

  The surrounding was peaceful and quiet, Yang Fan opened his mouth and began to drool as he slept peacefully.

  An hour later, the strange voice sounded in his ears again.

  ”You have been sleeping for an hour, your mental strength has recovered, and your fitness has recovered +1.”

  "You bathed under the sun radiation for an hour with out any protective measure, your radiation resistance is strengthened, photosynthesis +1, psionic +1[1]."

  ”You have been breathing contaminated air for an hour, your lung capacity has increased, toxic resistance +1.”


  Yang Fan slept, completely ignoring the voice, groaning from time to time.

   He is really tired, five days and five nights of insomnia was torture, several times he to want to jump off the building, now that he has fallen asleep thanks to the liquor, he wants to sleep all the time, it would be best not to wake up forever.   

Even if he died, he would die in his bed.

  ”Yang Fan! Yang Fan! Are you okay? Wake up! Wake up!”

  ”It's doesn't seem like he was poisoned, this guy won't be asleep right, listen to him snore.”

  ”is his brain alright? Even though Yang Fan is a waste wood, even if he has already given up, now is not the time to sleep in the middle of the mock exam, in the wild, he didn't even wear a radiation-proof jacket, this is just looking for death.”

  ”Look at the scar on back of his head, he was obviously thrown here after being knocked out. Who has such a big hatred with him, knocking him out and striping off his protective clothing. This is basically leaving him for death?”

  A group of young people wearing uniform had surrounded sleeping Yang Fan, but they were not willing to lend a helping hand to him. Even the one for asking for help from the invigilator was too lazy to do so.

  ”I have done with him, a waste, it's better if he die's. Let's continue with the mock test. Don't let everyone's achievements be affected because of a waste!"

  Soon, the crowd dissipated and Yang Fan's surrounding was restored to silence.


  Yang Fan turned over again, slept more pleasantly, and the saliva continued to drip on the ground, he was completely unaware of what just happened in his surrounding.

  ”You turned over, your body coordination is improved, physical recovery +1.”

  At a high alt.i.tude of about a kilometer, deep in the white clouds, the airship Yunling type-1 was suspended. In the monitoring room in the central area of the airship, senior third grade 29 cla.s.s head teacher Huang Zhong, rubbed his eyebrows and looked at the sleeping Yang Fan.

  Breathing is even, the heartbeat is 65 times per minute, the strength of the blood is 86, the vital signs are all normal. 

 It seems that there is no problem with the student, but who can explain, how can a student of a martial artist level II in his sleep resist the 3rd level radiation and secondary suffocation due to breathing contaminated air?

  ”This kid is a bit interesting!”

  Next to Huang Zhong, Gao Xiangyang, the Head teacher of the 28th cla.s.s of the third grade, looked at the Yang Fan's stats with great interest. He said: “knocking him out before striping off his protective clothing and gas mask and leaving him naked in the wild. Hey, how much hatred does one have for this kid, this basically leaving him to death . "

  Gao Xiangyang shook his head and said. “If an ordinary person is thrown into the wild like this, it will take half an hour for him to die from heart and lung failure. But this kid, it's been an hour, but he didn't have a sign of distress, heck he is even sleeping. he really took it here as his bedroom and looks like he is sleeping soundly without any care, seeing him sleep I feel bit sleepy.”

  Gao Xiangyang also deliberately raised his arms, stretched and yawned.

  ”Mr. Huang,” Gao Xiangyang put down his arms and turned his head to look at the Huang Zhong his side. With a expression of yearning: “I really want to congratulate you. This kid is a talent, maybe his body has some special hidden blood, like the diamond in the ruff!”

  Huang Zhong's mouth was twitching, he had a sudden urge to raise his hand and slap the guy beside him.

 In the entire South China Military Academy, who does not know that Yang Fan is famous martial arts waste wood, 16 years old, with the repair of level 2 martial artist , with martial art repair talent worse then a middle school-er Yang Fan Was the shame of the entire South China Military Academy.

  With such a student in his cla.s.s, Huang Zhong's total cla.s.s performance was lacking, if not for the federal rule of 12-year compulsory education which can not be violated, Huang Zhong would has already thrown this grandson out of school.

  ”If Xiangyang teacher thinks that Yang Fan is a talent, I don't mind having him transferred to your cla.s.s, my old Huang will never say half a word.”

   Huang Zhong grabbed Gao Xiangyang's arm and pulled him to his desk. "Come, come, Gao teacher, don't be polite with me. I will have him apply for the transfer, as long as you nod, I sign my consent, I Huang Zhong am absolutely unambiguous!”

  Gao Xiangyang was shocked, pulled his hand back from Huang Zhong, shook his head and waved his hand hurriedly saying: “I was kidding, Huang teacher can not take it seriously. After all, a gentlemen does take other people goods and Such a good talent, I can't afford to teach, or Huang, you keep him for yourself.”

  What a joke, Yang Fan is a famous waste wood, but Gao Xiangyang's high-school third year cla.s.s 28 always wanted to occupy the top ten of top-ranking throne compet.i.tion of their grade. With Yang Fan Gao Xiangyang's 28th cla.s.s still wanting to be in top ten would become a dream. Will you accept him?

  ”why not?” Huang Zhong still did not give up, he temptingly said: “A Special blood, even  immune to nuclear radiation, only Martial Art master equivalent level has such resistance, a little polishing Yang Fan may be the next Chu Feiyun, Gao teacher really does not want?”

  Seeing that Huang Zhong seems to push Yang Fan on him, Gao Xiangyang quickly stepped back two steps and opened a distance between him and Huang Zhongyu. Gao Xiangyang said: “Mr. Huang say no more, I am still the gentleman, Yang Fan Even if he has the golden blood, he is also the student in your  cla.s.s. Gao will never be such a black-hearted to steal talent from you.”

  Huang Zhongyi licked his mouth and groaned in disbelief.

  Then, Huang Zhong looked at the Yang Fan, who was still sleeping on the screen, feeling good.

  This kind of waste wood, let alone the golden blood, even if he has the legendary G.o.d-level blood,with no martial arts cultivation talent, what good is it?

  Moreover, being able to resist radiation and suffocation is not necessarily a special blood pulse. It may also be genetic variation or any special medicine taken before ex poser. In short, dog meat is still dog meat, waste wood is still waste wood, it doesn't change a thing.

  ”Alas, it seems that this time in the simulation test, 29th cla.s.s will be at the bottom again. “

   “Fortunately, there is only one month left till college entrance examination, once it is over, Laozi[2] will be completely relieved! Finally, With the waste wood out of my cla.s.s I don't believe that my cla.s.s will rank at the bottom of Grade ranking.”

   Huang Zhong's eyes were a little wet and excited.

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