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Godly Model Creator CHAPTER LIST

Godly Model Creator:

An arrival of an origin ability. Many fearful beasts interweaved. Humans with superpowers blooming like mushrooms. Su Hao is just an ordinary 3rd year high school student who had mastered a low level origin ability “Model a.n.a.lysis”. However, when he was creating a character model in his mind by a.n.a.lyzing the opposing side’s ability, a crazy idea echoed in his mind. What would happen if he creates a model for the whole world? This would imply that he —– Could Control The World! . BarnBok Free Light Novel Read Online provides you with the introduction and chapters of Godly Model Creator. Godly Model Creator is a novel of Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial-Arts Mystery Romance Sci-Fi with both wonderful story and well-written.
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