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Game World Chronicles: Displaced

Game World Chronicles: Displaced Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
I don't think I really understood what just happened to me . It didn't make any sense, and a feeling of panic was beginning to build up within me like never before . How did I get here? I was just about to go into my bathroom and take a nice long bath, after almost six hard hours of work, when suddenly I found myself lying on the ground, smelling like death, with a significant amount of bones around me, human bones . Was I in h.e.l.l? Is this what death feels like, I wasn't sure, because to be honest I didn't feel dead . I just felt weak, depleted, drained, and like there was something at the back of my mind, pounding and begging for release . It gave me headache that at the moment I could really do without, but every other thing, this was out of my hand . I was afraid, I was very afraid . So much so that I spent an hour lying down right where I was, and hoping that everything was just a dream . And I would have remained there, if not for the rumbling of my stomach and the hunger pains that came with it . This was not Lagos anymore, heck I doubt if I was anywhere in Nigeria, or west Africa, or the b.l.o.o.d.y continent as a whole . Was this some sort of experiment by the Americans, or the Chinese, I really hope it's not the Chinese there are rumors that they eat black men like me for dinner . Advertis.e.m.e.nt*grrrrrr*I was no stranger to hunger, but with a mind as unsettled as mine, I have to get things in gear or suffer the consequences . I couldn't very well lay down here forever now could I . I picked myself up, and almost immediately, I fell to the ground . It was then I noticed, that the clothes on my body just turned to dust, and the body beneath was not the one I recognized, this was definitely not my body . My skin was still black, thank G.o.d for that, that's the only thing in my life that I actually took pride in . That and of course my well endowed little brother, though based on what he looks like now, I would say he has seen better days, much more better days . I crawled my way past the pile of bones and the insects that have said bones their home . I really couldn't see much, because it was as if I was buried under a mountain of corpses, and something had just dug into said mountain a little, creating a path for me to come out . But every move I made was stressful, and that's when the words showed up .
{Mission: Escape the pyramid of bones you're buried under . }{Reward: System activation, +1 to all stats . } {Time limit: 20 minutes}{Penalty for failure: Death} . There's a running joke about black men and their fears of death, especially Africans . You might think that you can't make it, and that it would be too much of a stretch for you to do something, but watch happens when your life is placed on the line . Even superman won't be able to match your tenacity, and at this moment, even half dead, superman really couldn't match my tenacity . Whether the words that appeared out of thin air was true or not, I didn't care . In fact to be honest it was not the fear of death that forced me to start scrambling over bones and crushing brittle skulls with an open intense fervor . It was the fact that a screen actually appeared in front of me, and had words written on it . I'm a healthy African male, or I was, and the one thing I can say all Africans have in common, especially Nigerians, is our fear of witchcraft . And without a doubt, words floating in the air and telling me I will die, is black magic, the very worst of them .
But my enemies and the wicked will not take my life today . I'm covered with the blood of Jesus and protected by the holy angels of G.o.d . Which speaking off, now would be a good time for them to appear and save my f.u.c.king life, now that the devil is at work once again . I didn't get the answer I was looking for, neither was there an angel with a blazing sword, slicing apart the timer that was hanging at the edge of my vision . I was running out of time, and every step I made, using every inch of my entire body to crawl out of this burial mound, hurt . My naked body was slick with sweat, but with the constant contact with bone dust and ashes, my entire body was now covered with a trey mud, and believe me, it doesn't smell nice, not one bit . And so I crawled and climbed, and pulled and pushed, until I got to the top of the almost twenty meter tall pyramid of bones . But I only had ten seconds left, and I was still not completely free of this pile of death . At that moment, a black crow caved and flew past my head, causing my body to lose balance, and dip over the side of the bone pile . I couldn't stop myself as I rolled down like a helpless log, shifting a few bones and cracking a few ribs in the process . My body rolled until it came to a stop at the foot of a pillar with a banner hung over it . Even with my frail body, I hit that pillar hard enough that the banner came loose and covered my body . But as if that wasn't enough, said banner was held together by a metal rod that happily found it's way to my head with loud bang . And just before I closed my eyes, succ.u.mbing to a sudden concussion, exhaustion and multiple fractures . I saw the screen in front of me change its display . {Mission completed . } {All stats +1/ activating Game World System XXRT08065292019/ Bonus Rewards given: Unlocking Memories of Current body and Syncing soul residue . }I didn't understand a single thing there, but I darkness was coming for me just fine . It was actually at that point I realized, that I didn't actually know my name… . . weird right?

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