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In the small alley behind a bar, a woman was left right at the corner of a trash bin. Her beautiful big eyes lifeless and full of despair just staring at the sky."h.e.l.lo! Would you like to get out of this place? Living a good life? Not doing the things you are doing now?"The woman tilted her head to find the source of the voice but can not find it."I must be dreaming, just like usual.""Sign a contract with me and I can give everything that you wanted.""What are you? A demon? It took a long time for you to find me. If you can get me out of this place, I am willing to do anything."After that, the woman felt pain in her hand and a three long scar appear at the back of her hand."The contract is established."A warm energy is circulating in her body and dispel the fatigue from her body. At this moment her lifeless eyes are changing to panic. She thought it was a dream and randomly agree to the contract.Sunlight appears from the small window in a small apartment and Shana is sleeping soundly with a little snore that can be heard."Wake up, how long are you going to sleep, an early bird gets the worm. With you sleeping like this no wonder your life never gets better.""Mmmmm, five minutes."Shana instantly wakes up and frantically searches around the room."Wwho aare""Forgotten already? We establish a contract yesterday."An elegant and beautiful blotched tabby cat can be seen on the edge of the bed. Its fur has orange and black combination."A cat? A demon cat?""Tsk..tsk...tsk how could you call this emperor a demon. Even a demon will bow to this emperor.""Now according to our contract, you want to leave those places but unable to do that due to the debt you are carrying. In fact, if you calculate all the years and money you earn your debt should already finish.""My debt already settles but how can those people let me go that easily.""Pack up your things, we are leaving this place. We move from this place and do not worry about those people. They can not find you for the time being."Shana move from City A to City K as the cat suggested. She rented a single room in a shared apartment. The cat did not lie to her and when she moved there is no resistance even when she meets those people at the roadside. They seem to not know her. Shana is delighted with this situation and thank the cat."Listen carefully, this condition is not forever I can only hold it for a year, you can not just run. You still have to face them and completely sever your ties with them and live freely.""Now, it is time to find some money. What did you want to be?"Money. This is the reason for her downfall. She used to live a good life. She is from a business family and their property is around the world. Well, everything changes because of her foolishness and offend someone that she should not be.
Regret. That is the word that always in her head. She lost everything, a good family, her dignity and her freedom. All because she is obsessed with love. For the sake of love, she keeps chasing the man that did not love her and do stupid thing by trying to kill his beloved. She thought with her status and money she can get everything and do anything in this world.

Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting."I want to be a renowned fashion designer. That is always my ambition since I was a child.""To be successful in this industry, you must have the right contacts, find your niche in the fashion industry and must have a business-oriented mindset. First of all, how can we get the right contact to help you?""About that, I can try to contact my friends in the circle. I am sure they can help me."Shana sought out for her friends number and called them but every one of them rejects her.They give various reason to her and told her to just stay low and away from them."Operation asking from friends is failed. What makes you think that your friends can help you? If they care about you then how come you are stranded on those places. Even though they cannot help you to settle the debt at least they took care of you.""You can only depend on your own."Shana is dumfounded she never thought any of her friends would reject her. What should she do?She did not have money or connection to help her. She can go apply for a job at any fashion company but it would be too long for her to build a decent connection and influence. She only has a year."Are you not suppose to help me? It is the reason why I sign a contract with you. I suppose to be a designer right now, live in a big house, eat good food and wear luxuriously.""Wow! wake up, girl. This is reality, not fantasy. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Based on this which would you prefer? Besides that my payment is in the form of your energy. The changes in your mindset, the effort you put in your life, the changes in your emotion all this contribute to high-quality energy. Right now all you give me are low level of mindset, easy to give up and a volcano of anger. Basically, you just give me and expired rice of energy that smelly and mouldy. Helping you to distract those people already pushing me to my limit.""This, what should I do."As tears rolling down to her cheek. She has not cried for a long time. She thought she can easily obtain what she has before. But right now it seems impossible.Strolling down the street with a hotdog on her hand she sits in front of her favourite boutique and admire the dress on the window panel. It is beautiful but she unable to wear it less to touch it.In the office, there is a man standing on a chair."Shuh..shuh... where are you come from? Somebody, Mikey I know you are outside take this cat out, please. I am going to die from horror.""Oh! Jack, don't be such a baby it is just a cat. What a cute cat. Hey! where are you come from? It probably hungry, come here I give you some food."Emperor moves from the desk to the couch nearby and sit comfortably there. Its eyes still focus on the man named Jack ignoring Mikey." The cat would not bite you, it probably just taking a walk.""Since when my company famous in the cat circle. They should know that I am afraid of a cat."The company operation continue like usual but Jack is afraid with the cat so he decided to go home early. As he drives back home, at the junction near a big mall he is given the biggest scare in the world and make a sudden break."Meooooooow."" Oh my G.o.d! When did this cat enter the car with me? To think I spent the entire time with the cat. G.o.d have mercy on me."He gets out of the car and open the door where the cat sits."Here kitty...kitty. Please get out of this car."Emperor just role it eyes to Jack and did not move an inch. At that time Jack saw Shana and ask for her help." Miss could you please take this cat out from my car. I am afraid of the cat and this cat somehow enter my car.""Sure, no problem. This cat look alike my cat."Taking the cat out the car, Jack feel relax and thanking Shana for her help. He notices Shana is a beautiful young lady and when hugging the cat it added charm to her. He suddenly has a bold idea."Miss are you interested in being a model."

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