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Destiny Dragon God CHAPTER LIST
  • Destiny Dragon God

  • Author(s) : 岛上project
  • Status : ongoing
  • Last updated : 2021-07-07 11:22:28
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  • Genre : Action Martial-Arts

Destiny Dragon God:

(Adapted from the book "The Destiny of G.o.d" written on the Listen to the Rain Fiction Network) How can a man of destiny dare to be a teacher? How can a young man who is not even a G.o.d dare to be a teacher be a beggar? A man whose destiny is to return to the world, but he is actually a second-rate youth? In order to save the continent, the G.o.ds are ambushed by the destiny of the G.o.ds! . BarnBok Free Light Novel Read Online provides you with the introduction and chapters of Destiny Dragon God. Destiny Dragon God is a novel of Action Martial-Arts with both wonderful story and well-written.
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To be continued

2021-07-07 11:22:28