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Zhao, Jiang Ning Residence, Ning Family."How is it, what did the Ning Family say?" Daoist Arcanum was seated in the lotus position atop a prayer mat, staring at the youth lying on the bed with a hint of worry in his eyes.On the bed was a weak young man with pale lips and a purplish half of his face. The coa.r.s.e hemp robe was still stained with blood."Xuanming..." Master, that Young n.o.ble Wushuang of the Ning family doesn't want us to meet the head of the Ning family. He still has to drive us back to Azure Dragon Bay tomorrow morning. " Wu Liu said in a sobbing tone.His fat face was flushed and he was sobbing."Hmph, these inhumane people of the Ning family, did they forget who contributed today?" Now that they have treated Brother Little Feng like this, are they worthy of Uncle Ning? "Daoist Arcanum sighed and waved his hand. "You can go back and rest first. I'll check on Little Feng again."He turned around and placed one hand on the youth's chest. Five spiritual cavities lit up on his body, and a surge of spiritual power rushed into Ning Wufeng's body.In a trance, the surroundings seemed to be shrouded in white mist."Where is this place? Where am I?" Ning Wufeng suddenly entered a strange environment and subconsciously clenched his fists.As one of the famous masters of Xing Yi Martial Arts in China, Ning Wufeng was still persevering on with the practice of winter and summer. Finally, he was able to condense the Zhen Qi inside his body and break through to the Xiantian realm.However, just as he reached the Innate realm, he felt his vision darken, and he was enveloped in a white mist when he woke up.Ah!" Ning Wufeng suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head, and his face turned ferocious."What's going on?" As a martial arts grandmaster, his instincts always kept him awake. He subconsciously bit down on the tip of his tongue. A strong tingling sensation spread to the nerves in his brain."What?" The Immortal Mystery Continent revered martial prowess? The person with the spirit vein will seize the spirit energy of heaven and earth, and live as long as the heavens and earth! ""The abandoned son of the Ning family, Ning Wufeng, was sent to Azure Dragon Bay as the river chief because it would be hard to cultivate using a pseudo spirit vein. The family will not support him." the high-pitched voice said.Trash? I actually transmigrated, moreover transmigrated into the body of a trash with a False Spiritual Pulse who was sent by his family? Ning Wufeng didn't know whether to laugh or cry.However, with the fusion of the memories of his past life, Ning Wufeng's eyes blazed with pa.s.sion. The Immortal Mystery Continent respected martial arts. When one refined their spirit to enter the body, they were actually able to achieve the realm of flying high in the sky and being able to turn the clouds and rain upside down."Hiss …"Ning Wufeng took in a deep breath of cold air. A heart-wrenching pain came from all over his body, boring its way into his heart and eyes. It was as if countless needles were forcefully stabbing into his body, piercing through his pores and eyes. "What's going on? My chest feels hotter and hotter. " He forcefully endured the pain and asked doubtfully. Subconsciously, he followed the circulation route of the Zhen Qi from the Form and Will Boxing to dissipate the spirit energy.Who would have thought that this spiritual energy would actually be driven by him, flowing along the eight extraordinary meridians. This Qi was much denser than the Qi of the Innate realm, and it seemed to be inexhaustible.After that, Ning Wufeng discovered another problem: the spirit vein in this body was too clogged up."Open for me!" Ning Wufeng followed the boxing style and twisted the spiritual power into the shape of an diamond, spiralling it towards the spirit vein.Ah!" Ning Wufeng suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head, and his face turned ferocious.Ning Wufeng felt a heart-wrenching pain, it was comparable to the pain he felt when he first opened the two meridians. Beads of sweat dripped down as his body trembled and turned blood-red.For the sake of Ning Wuxiang's spiritual force, Daoist Xuanji was overjoyed. He did not expect that Ning Wufeng would react in such a way. He mumbled to himself, "Little Feng, this old man was late and caused you to suffer so much. Even if I have to sacrifice this old life of mine, I will definitely save you. "Immediately, he opened his five spiritual cavities, revealing his Invigorated Meridian realm strength. His spiritual power surged out and rushed into Ning Wufeng's chest."Good timing." In the midst of his confusion, Ning Wufeng suddenly felt the spiritual energy grow stronger, and the power of the spiral diamond immediately increased by five to six times, instantly pushing his spiritual vein a foot further.The immense pain stimulated his brain, causing him to tremble even more violently."Is it really useful?" Upon seeing that Ning Wufeng's movements were getting bigger, Daoist Xuankong's face lit up with happiness as he persisted in controlling his spiritual power.His body flickered slightly as he slapped the treasure gourd at his waist and gulped down a mouthful of spirit wine to replenish his spirit energy. However, this kind of replenishment was not even worth the cost.The five spiritual cavities had been activated to their limits by Daoist Blackhot's. They began to turn slightly pale, and the amount of spiritual energy began to rapidly decrease.Ning Wufeng had no idea about this at all. All he knew was that he had to borrow the spiritual energy to continue opening the blocked spirit vein. Opening the blocked spirit vein brought immense pain, but the unblocked spirit vein was nourished by the spiritual energy, it was warm and comfortable.Pain and happiness.The blood oozed slightly through the pores. "We're almost there." Ning Wufeng's face lit up, this spirit vein was just a little bit away from being fully opened.However, Daoist Xuanming was startled when he saw blood seeping through Ning Wufeng's robes. He thought to himself, "It's over, why are you being so foolish?" Little Wind didn't have any spiritual energy, so how could he withstand so much spiritual energy penetrating his body?Thinking of this, he immediately stopped the output of his spiritual energy."What's going on?" Ning Wufeng felt that the amount of spiritual energy entering his body had started to lessen, and he was greatly alarmed. This spiritual vein was only slightly open, and there was no spiritual energy left. Didn't his previous efforts all fail?"It can't be like this!" Ning Wu Feng hastily summoned all his remaining spiritual power and turned it into a giant diamond, crazily opening up the clogging of the spiritual vein, fighting for time.The enormous pain seemed to want to cut all of the spirit veins. Ning Wufeng didn't know if there would be another opportunity to open the spirit vein in the future, but this time, he couldn't give up on it.With a loud boom, Daoist Abyssal's spiritual power was completely depleted, and Ning Wufeng finally penetrated the first spirit vein.The moment the spirit vein was unblocked, Ning Wufeng suddenly felt as if countless specks of light were entering his body. It felt a little numb and itchy.Those specks of light were attached to the spirit vein that had already been opened, nourishing it. The amount of spiritual power acc.u.mulated and slowly turned into a spiritual power as thick as a hair."Finally, I have spiritual power." Ning Wufeng was overjoyed. After opening his first spirit vein and gathering his first trace of spiritual energy, he had truly stepped into the Qi Drawing Realm.I've finally reached the Qi Drawing Realm. Ning Wufeng was no longer able to control his emotions. It seems like he was influenced by that Ning Wufeng from his previous life.For six years, he had been bullied. Regardless of whether it was the Master, Young Master, or the servant girls, they were all bullying him for having no spiritual power, not being worthy to be Ning Yichuan's son.No spiritual energy, no cultivation, and in the end, Azure Dragon Bay was exiled into poverty by their family.Without spiritual power and cultivation, he didn't even dare to openly fight for his beloved girl's position.Without spiritual energy or cultivation, he had no ability to protect himself after receiving the embroidered ball.Without spiritual energy or cultivation, he was being hunted by those bandits and didn't even have the ability to defend himself.However, everything was already in the past!With a boom, the first stream of spiritual power rose from Ning Wufeng's spiritual vein."First level of the Qi Drawing Realm, done!"

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