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Can You Love Me?

Can You Love Me? Chapter 1

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Translator: ShinMin          Translation Editor: RandomAlex

Xian Ai bit her lower lip, her eyes closed tightly and she didn't dare to open them. Above her body was the body of a man; it felt like that person intentionally wanted to tear her apart. She couldn't breathe, her throat was dry and could only let out a harsh groan, making that night sound much more charming.

Until now, Xin Ai still didn't dare to believe it. A man whose appearance was so amazing, from head to toe like a n.o.bleman, plus ethics and manners that he always held firmly. Why did he get into bed and turned into a hungry wolf?

She didn't dare to open her eyes, didn't dare to make a sound that was too loud because Jian Zechuan didn't like it. She hated herself for being very low and used various ways to successfully crawl into his bed.

So, this person didn't want to hear her voice at all, especially didn't want to look into her eyes.

However, the comfort in her body was very clear dan increasing. His madness made Xin Ai unable to hold back.

Suddenly, her neck was choked by this man, and forced to turn.

Xin Ai's hand grabbed Jian Zechuan's wrist. He opened her mouth, and tried to draw air from her mouth like a fish on a beach trying to breathe and wanted to stay alive.

Jian Zechuan's voice, without warmth, came from the top of her head, “You're trying hard to crawl onto my bed, wasn't it because you wanted to be touched by me? I warn you, don't put on that pained expression. Pretending to be a holy woman, who would see that?”

While he said that, the movements down there were getting more intense. Xin Ai tried hard to shake her head, but grip on her neck was getting stronger and stronger.

When Xin Ai thought that tonight she would die on this bed, finally Jian Zechuan stopped, and his hand around her neck was released. The storm has pa.s.sed.

Xin Ai stroked her neck, coughing with her eyes closed. Opening her mouth wide to catch a breath.

She heard a cold laugh filled with ridicule from the top of her head. As a heavy burden vanished from the top of her body, Xin Ai's heart also felt light. That is, tonight it's finally over…

Jian Zechuan entered the bathroom and didn't close the door, making the sound of running water echo in the room. Maybe he did not want to be in the same bed with her at all, even for just one second. He also couldn't stand the smell of Xin Ai's body that stuck to his own.

The sound from inside the bathroom stopped, Jian Zechuan came out. Xin Ai heard the sound of a person dressing up.

Long and slender fingers, slowly one by one b.u.t.toning up his shirt. Under the light, the white jade-like hand seemed to reflect light.

By the time he was about to b.u.t.ton the last b.u.t.ton, Jian Zechuan, who was already dressed, turned back into a graceful and man. A man who can make every woman hold they breath. A handsome face that is always followed by a cold smile, a pair of deep black eyes like a black hole that can swallow everything around him.

He stared coldly at the woman who was on the bed, her hair falling apart on the pillow, half her face buried in the pillow, not moving and seemed to have fallen asleep.

Every inch of her body had quite a lot of kiss marks clearly showing how crazy their bed-wrestling session was.

The woman's innocent body which is covered by a blanket on her waist can tempt any man. A very beautiful body which could make anyone interested.

Jian Zechuan inserted his last b.u.t.ton, and a dangerous look flashed in his eyes.

He stared fiercely at Xin Ai as if she was his mortal enemy.

Xin Ai's body stiffened, she could feel that Jian Zechuan was watching her, the look in his eyes made her body shed cold sweat.

After quite a while, the sound of the door is closing could be heard, Jian Zechuan was gone. Xin Ai's body gradually relaxed, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Her whole body ached. She was distressed. His treatment seemed to want to tear Xin Ai's body alive and tear it into two.

There was a check on the table, 500,000 yuan. This is the money she got after a one-nightstand.

She had indeed sacrificed her dignity and pride, surrendered herself to the man, and intended to exchange it for something. But money is not what she wanted.

Xin Ai got up, just as her feet landed on the floor, she fell to her knees on the floor due to weakness. She felt something wet running down her feet, gritting her teeth, she reached for the contraceptive pill in the drawer. She takes one tablet and ate it without water, letting the bitterness of the drug spread in her mouth.

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