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Becoming Rich In A Beast World

Becoming Rich In A Beast World Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Get Rich Overnight

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Inside the operating theater, a team of healthcare professionals dressed in dark blue stood around the operating table and focused on their work.

The surgeon kept his eyes on the patient's wounds. “Sweat!”

A young woman standing next to the surgeon picked up the gauze immediately and dried his sweat while avoiding his eyes!

“Hemostatic forceps!”






With a snip, the surgeon's hands halted before he relaxed.

“The patient's breathing is normal, and no other complications arose!”

“Send the patient to ICU for observation tonight. Remember to watch out for fever and record all observations carefully!”

The moment the surgeon finished his sentence, a few healthcare workers pushed the patient and the ventilator out of the operating theater.

Only the surgeon and the young woman who a.s.sisted him remained in the operating room.

The moment the operating room doors opened, the patient's family members swarmed over and barraged them with endless questions:

“Doctor, how's my Dad?”

“Nurse, was the operation successful?”

“Yeah! When will Dad wake up?”


The nurses stood in front of the swarm of family members and spoke in a practiced and calm tone, “Excuse me, please let us through. The surgery was successful, but we really need to bring him to ICU! I will answer all your questions in a minute!”

As the operating theater doors closed, the commotion disappeared eventually.

Inside the operating room…

The surgeon removed the blood-stained gloves and tossed them into the trashcan by the side.

“Su Tang, you a.s.sisted well in the surgery today. I will write a report about your performance. I'm sure you will get made full-time member this month!”

The mask covered Su Tang's face, so only her bright eyes could be seen as they glinted with joy.

“Really? Thanks!”

The surgeon calmly nodded as he said, “Uh-huh! I have seen how hard you worked! Keep it up! The hospital will reward you well!”

Su Tang nodded eagerly and could not contain her excitement!

“Enough. It's getting late. Have an early night after you clean up the operating room!”

“Yes, I will! Goodbye!”

After the surgeon left, Su Tang's eyes beamed brightly.

She deftly tidied up the operating room as she checked the time to see how late it was.

She caught sight of something shining outside the window from the corner of her eye as she retrieved a surgery apparatus from the disinfecting cabinet. Hence, she automatically went towards the window.

A double-glazed window was installed since they were easier to maintain, so it was bright and clean.

Su Tang's eyes became softer as they glinted slightly. “Is that a shooting star? It sure looks beautiful!”


All three hands on her wrist.w.a.tch combined…

Su Tang closed her eyes as she muttered softly, “I want to become rich overnight. If it can't be done overnight, I don't mind waiting a couple of nights!”

A few seconds later, Su Tang opened her eyes to see the shooting star right in front of her and felt stunned.

The first thought that crossed her mind was whether meteorites could travel that fast.

Su Tang watched as the dim meteorite crashed onto her swiftly.

Do you want to know how fast the meteorite was?

It was so fast that Su Tang did not even have time to shut her eyes.

Despite the closed window between them, a white light covered Su Tang. In that instant, she almost wanted to cry as a thought flashed through her mind.

She should never have made a wish when she saw the shooting star!

Was it too late for her to regret it?

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