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BLOOD OF LOVE Friendship Of Hate

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"Here you go, don't forget our revenge and also don't fall in love with her," said James (elder brother of Dustin). Parking his car in front of the gate of Cameron high school. "I will not forget brother, they have to pay for what they have done," said Dustin in anger and got out of the car. He went straight into his cla.s.sroom and sat on his seat, and saw Jezebel's photo on his phone and waited for her. After fifteen minutes Jezebel entered, Dustin quickly recognized her and gave a smile to her. Jezebel gave Dustin a strange look and went straight to her seat and sat with sia (who was Jezebel's best friend), which was two seats behind Dustin's. "He is so hot you should have smiled back," said sia giggling after Jezebel said her what had happened.
"Shut up girl" replied Jezebel. "You should find a boyfriend like me now before it's too late jezz," said with a giggle. Jezebel gave sia a mean look and said "love is a stupid thing, I don't wanna fall in these things." "But see I am happy with my relationship jezz" replied sia. Dustin heard the conversation with the help of his long-distance hearing ears and texted his brother about what he had heard. James replied, "hmm, be nice to her and trap her in your friendship as soon as you can, remember we have don't have much time, we have to kill her soon." The teacher entered the cla.s.s and started taking her lecture. "The lecture has begun, I will text with you later." Dustin replied back. The school ended at 2:00 pm, Jezebel and sia went to the library for self-study, Dustin followed them to the library silently.

"Ugh, why is this problem so hard." Said sia in an irritating voice. "Calm down sia we will find a way to solve this, you just calm down," said Jezebel. "Divide it by five and your problem will be solved" interrupted a voice. Sia and Jezebel lifted their neck a bit and saw Dustin.
"You sure that we have to divide it by five?." asked sia, "YES" replied Dustin while making eye to eye contact with Jezebel. For few seconds both Dustin and Jezebel made eye contacts with each other, just then sia interrupted and said "hey jez, it's solved,"Jezebel breaking the eye contact replied to sia, "oh really,thank goodness." "Thank you Dustin for your help." said sia in a excited tone. "Anytime." replied Dustin with a smile. "Would you mind helping us more?" asked sia. "Why not it would be my pleasure, But is your friend ok with it, ?" replied Dustin.

"Ya, she is absolutely fine with it," said sia. Jezebel saw sia and made her eyes wide,  "Ya, why will I have any problem," said Jezebel giving a fake smile to Dustin. Dustin took a seat and started helping Jezebel and sia. "So how many hours do you both study in library?" Asked Dustin. "Only a hour," replied sia. Dustin nodded his head and continued helping them. This continued for week and Jezebel and Sia got comfortable with Dustin, and all three became good friends. Dustin always helped Sia and Jezebel in their studies and also on other hand he also tried to be more friendly with Jezebel and gain  her trust. Dustin would tell everything to his brother about his and Jezebel's talks.

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